The inevitable illness you get after looking after a sick kid.

So I have been hit with a sledge hammer. My son last weekend got ill with a virus, with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and I have managed to get him fairly well again although he still has a runny nose and a cough now and then. Now it seems it is my turn.

This is what happens when you have a sick kid. You spend many nights while they are ill, sleeping lightly and waking to check on them constantly. You neglect yourself, getting run down in the process. Then, as they start to get better, whammo, it hits you. So that’s where I’m at now.

I guess part of it for both of us is hay-fever. I have been doing well this year, after realising that a lot of the respiratory illnesses I had, and my son had, last year, stemmed from hay-fever first. It then snowballed into chest infections. So this year, my son has been finally put on preventers for his asthma, which seem to have suppressed a lot of it for him, and until recently, I throwing antihistamines down my throat, keeping it at bay. I recently started using probiotics instead, which worked well too, but this time of the year, it seems my son always gets hammered by something and gets ill, and so do I. I think it is the emergence of a lot of grass flowering, as mid to late November sees a flurry of grass flowering before the hot, dry summer hits. The sheer volume of it probably just overwhelms the system.

One of the major issues I have had since this time last year ( when I got very ill, I mean, nearly hospitalised ill ), is I have been getting a recurring ear blockage in my right ear every time I get a runny nose. I don’t sniff, it just almost instantly blocks up as soon as  I get a runny nose. A couple of times, including this current event, I have ended up with an earache. I haven’t experienced one of those much since I was a kid, so it has come as a surprise that it has happened a few times in the last 12 months. And, when you have an earache, it makes you feel about 10 times more miserable.

I have also been struggling quite badly with my new mood stabiliser for my Manic Depression, I don’t think this is the right one for me. I haven’t been depressed as such, but my mood is all over the place, it has stopped the deep depression, but it hasn’t exactly stabilised my mood. I feel flat, wonky, and at times forgetful and ill focused. Plus, I seem to wake at about 5am on the dot, regardless of how late or early I went to bed. When I first started it, I was waking at 7am on the dot, at half the dose I am on now, and now with twice as much it is 5am. I just can’t sleep in, even if I want to. And now, my daily fatigue kicks in earlier because I have been up earlier, and I seem to want to sleep for twice as long during the day. I have a visit with a specialist tomorrow to confirm if I have fibromyalgia, so fatigue during the day isn’t a new thing, but it is now worse.

I have got on top of a huge amount of health issues this past 12 months, my high blood pressure is under control ( which was the source of my crippling migraines), my blood sugar and cholesterol are in the good range, and my sleep aponea is under control with the help of the CPAP machine. ( I was having 71 stop breathing events an hour while asleep before using the machine, now it is flat out being more than 1 an hour with the machine ). The things that I am still working on are the chronic pain and obesity, and once I have confirmation that I have fibromyalgia, maybe I may get on top of the pain to some degree.

It’s all a big job, sorting it all out. Half the battle is knowing what is behind the symptoms. Once you know, you can work out solutions. Anyhow, I must be off to bed now, my body is screaming at me to sleep, and so is my mind. Goodnight.


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