Why I call it Manic Depression

Okay. You will have noticed that I refer to my overarching mental illness as Manic Depression. It is now commonly known as Bipolar Disorder. I get why it is called that, but why ?

To me, it is a sanitised name, it removes the reality from what the disorder is. Yes, you go from happy to sad, hence Bipolar. But, it is from manic to depression, so why in the hell not call it what it is ? I think also, calling it Bipolar makes those not familiar with it think that it is a flip of the switch, one minute you are good, the next bad. So people get confused, thinking people with Manic Depression are Schizophrenic. I can see why some people may think that though. Us Manic Depressives tend to hide our problems well. So, we may appear to be happy, when in fact we are deeply depressed. So the uninitiated sees a person who is happy, but when that person gets pushed too far while depressed, the act of happiness when in fact you are sad disintegrates, and I know myself, I will snap. For me, I don’t like to burden others with my troubles, that’s why you smile, say everything is alright, when it’s not. But it just takes a straw to break the camels back. So no, we don’t just flip a switch, we were depressed and shitty with the world, we were just putting it in a nice costume for you. And trust me, there is a mile of difference between someone with Manic Depression, and someone who is Schizophrenic, I used to live with someone with Schizophrenia, so I know.

Anyhow, getting back to why I call it Manic Depression. I am a no bullshit type of person, I call it what it is. Bipolar sounds like some sort of electrical terminology to me, and as I said, it is a sanitised name. To be frank, it is bullshit. Call it the raw, real deal. It is Manic Depression.



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