Well today I am writing feeling vastly different to how I felt just a few days ago. I have had some adjustments made to the medications I am on, a slight change to the pain medications, going from regular to slow release with the Tramadol, and I know am taking double the dosage of the Lamictal and have started taking a very low dosage of Seroquel, mainly before I go to sleep. I used to take Seroquel the last time I needed medicating, and it worked, but the side effects of weight gain and also the other problems like high blood pressure were the main reasons, apart from not having too much difficulty dealing with the Manic Depression for 2 years, for giving the Seroquel away. At least now it is 25mg once a day, instead of 300mg a day.

So yes, I am feeling quite a bit better right now. On a mental level, I am actually feeling great, considering how much of a mess I was last Thursday. On the pain and fatigue level, the pain is somewhat reduced, although it is still there, it’s one of those tight rope walks where you don’t want to use too much, but you need it to feel half decent. The fatigue is an issue, and probably won’t improve much, but at least being slightly less in pain, I can manage a few things before collapsing in a heap, exhausted.

I managed to get out for a walk after lunch today, and mowed my front lawn as well, earlier today, but that was about as much as my body could take before the fatigue kicked in. I have avoided going for a sleep this afternoon, although it has been a real battle, but I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon actually doing something with my son, so I planted a few plants in the garden with him that we got at a market this morning, and watched a movie with him. He’s now just about ready to go to bed, so I will follow him there as well.

The past couple of days have been rather busy, with a shopping trip to Warrnambool, the nearest town with a range of shopping options, so I and my mother could get some Christmas shopping sorted, and then the market this morning, which wasn’t that big, but actually had a tonne of good stuff, which is where I was able to get my last Christmas present sorted. So now, apart from a few small Santa things for my son, and food for Christmas day, my Christmas shopping is now done and dusted. I am glad.

We also had an unexpected but very much welcomed visit from Mum and Dad this afternoon, so we sat and chatted over a hot beverage, before they headed home for a well earned rest themselves.

Well, that will be it for now, I need to take all the crazy amount of pills before I go to sleep, but at least I know I will sleep, I am pretty much zonked about 15 minutes after I take them, so off I go to visit the Sandman. Goodnight all.


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