Winning ?

All the new medication and dosages seem to be making a difference. My Manic Depression is fairly under control, the best I have felt for probably 6 months to be honest. The new slow release pain medication is also taking the edge off the pain during the day, which makes it somewhat tolerable now, the pains not gone, but not as intense.  Nothing has changed with the fatigue however.

My exercise regime is not going as well as I’d like either, but I have just had a very busy 7 days or so, and as such, I have been pretty wiped out. It’s the end of year, so it is always busy.

Anyone who has Fibromyalgia knows that once you start doing things on top of the everyday, it drains you to a crushing extent. So Christmas party’s, school concerts, Christmas shopping and visits to the doctor and psychologist all in one week can really stuff you up. Needless to say, Friday and yesterday, I didn’t do much, as they were the first days of nothing to do this week, and a bit of extra sleep, sitting and resting watching movies with my son, and just generally kicking back and doing nothing much at all was the best recipe to try and get back on track.


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