Value adding

Ok, so I am one of “those” people who rely on welfare to survive. But before I was injured and permanently disabled at work after working just about 7 day weeks, with very few holidays, for 17 years, I think I have worked harder than most. And of those 17 years, most of it was extremely hard work, that most would never experience in their lifetimes. I have worked in the food industry, for an airline,  detailed hire cars and used cars, been a tyre fitter and car accessory fitter, a Stockman in remote areas, a commercial cleaner, a service station assistant manager, a hire car area manager and an art gallery manager and curator. Yes, I fit that all into 17 years.

But then, making someone else a millionaire, I broke my back, and quite honestly, was thrown to the dogs by both my employer, and by a supposed “workers compensation” system, that favours insurance companies over employees, who have basically had the rug pulled out beneath them and are no longer able to work any meaningful job again.

So, besides that, I also have the other conditions, like manic depression and fibromyalgia, just to make sure I am totally unemployable, because who wants to be employing a cripple who has more bad days than good days, and will be incapable of even turning up regularly, because even having the ability to get out of bed in the morning is like climbing Mount Everest most days ?

So yes, I live on welfare. But for 17 years, I paid an enormous amount of tax so others could be looked after, because, as a responsible, and caring being of this planet, I had no issue with others who were in situations that were out of their control being looked after. I really didn’t mind paying tax for them to have some sort of ability to survive. It’s what being civilised is supposed to be about, making sure nobody suffers when there is no need for them to.

Now, looking at what people on welfare actually contribute.

People on welfare don’t have disposable income. They spend every cent they have on food, housing, transport and utilities.  They keep other people in jobs. In Australia, we live BELOW the poverty line. Unlike those with mega bank account balances, we actually spend 100% of what we have. Take that away, and as several countries around the world have found out, the economy crumbles. It’s happening here in Australia now too.

Then there are the thousands of hours of voluntary work those on welfare do every day to keep the world turning. Our schools are so underfunded, that without volunteers, there wouldn’t be a school. Our hospitals, again so underfunded, rely on volunteers to raise funds for vital equipment and to help keep the hospitals running. And again, those volunteers that help out at sports clubs, community events, etc, etc. People on welfare should be millionaires with the amount of unpaid work they do for the community.

So I guess the point I am making is, before you complain about people being on welfare, before you believe the media and political machines when they say all those people who are cheating the system ( it is actually almost impossible to cheat the system, but you wouldn’t know that if you haven’t experienced it first hand ), before you see that person bedraggled in the street and judge them thinking they are a loser, think about how they actually probably contribute a whole lot more to society, to help make your quality of life so much better, than most of those in society. The vast majority of them never chose to be where they are. The vast majority were injured at work, doing jobs like you, or inherited genes that are responsible for their ailments, or just plain didn’t ever have an opportunity to make more of themselves. It is not their fault they are where they are.



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