I might be crazy, but the world seems crazier right now.

I feel like writing, but I have no words. Earth is certainly a loopy place right now. We have nations that once fought against fascism electing fascists as their leaders. We have lunatics being labelled terrorists who are nothing but lunatics. We have people being mown down in the streets, their lives being snatched away by acts of selfishness, when all they were doing was going about their daily existence. There is a plague of self righteousness and self importance washing over the planet, leaving a path of destruction through peoples lives. When did uncaring become the accepted norm ? Why have we got nations who fought fascism, losing millions of citizens, now electing fascists as their leaders, thinking that by doing so they are honouring those who fell ? The world is a truly fucked up place right now.

In recent days, hidden behind the installation of a filthy, fascist pig as the leader of a nation on the other side of the planet, people were mown down with a Holden Commodore on the streets of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Children. Fathers. Mothers. Sisters. Brothers. Friends. Needlessly and selfishly, by a repeat offender, an abuser, a perpetrator of domestic violence. A Christian. An Australian born citizen.

These people were going about their business, taking the kids into the city for a day out on the school holidays, popping down the street from the office to get lunch, shopping in the many stores on offer in the heart of the city. One minute, life was normal, then in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

Shattered bodies, shattered people, littered the street, and a city went into shock as the news emerged.

I was picking my Mum up from work, when a text message from my brother came through to my phone. “Just in case you’ve seen the news of an incident in the CBD, I’m safe at home, nowhere near it. ”

At that point, it was the first I had heard anything, I am not a fan of commercial radio, and the only other choice of radio to listen to in the car was broadcasting cricket, which I find boring as fuck. So I was totally unaware what had happened, listening to my own music from my Ipod through the car stereo. I got that message, and my heart sank immediately. Firstly, I knew it must be bad for my brother to send a message that he was OK, normally he would have been in the vicinity at work, but the organisation he works for lets him work from home one day a week, and on Friday, he was working at home. I knew it was going to be something truly horrific, but until I got Mum home, Dad told us what had happened.

The right winged, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist brigade, without any evidence what-so-ever, started the typical tirade you expect from this type of low life scum, making jokes on Twitter about how “these automatic cars are so dangerous” ( a thinly veiled attack on our strict, and effective gun laws in Australia ), how the perpetrator should be deported ( immediately assuming, without evidence, that the perpetrator was an immigrant ), and attacks on Islam, without knowing who or what the background of this person was. And all this was just from the parasites that infest the halls of our Federal Parliament. In the end, he was Australian born, so where do you deport him to, and he was from a Christian family. If all truth be known, he probably even voted for the same parasites making all these outlandish, ill-informed and ill-educated comments from the halls of parliament. The other totally ironic thing is, they often criticise Islamic nations for their brutal justice systems, but here they are, spruiking the death penalty.

At the time of writing, currently 5 people have died. 2 children, one just 3 months old, this childs mother and sister still fighting for their lives in hospital. 3 adults. There’s also about another 8 still on the edge of life, it could go either way.

When I returned home, after hearing a little about what had occurred from my father, I avoided finding out more myself until after I had my dinner, had my son firmly implanted in the lounge room watching a movie, and then coming to sit here in front of my computer to find out more. I wasn’t mentally and emotionally ready myself until then. The true horror of what happened then hit me, unfurling on the screen of my computer. I am not ashamed to say I cried.

If not for the work at home day my brothers company gives him, it could have been likely he may have been there himself, and if not a direct victim, could have witnessed it unfold. I say a witness and not  a victim, but in reality, every person there, either a casualty, or witness, was in fact a victim.

As the State Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews said, it wasn’t just those there that are victims, but tens of thousands of other Victorians and Australians, who have lost loved ones and friends, or are now waiting for loved ones or friends to make it through the horrific, life threatening injuries they are now trying to survive. I will say, that there is one thing I am proud of in all of this. Our Left Wing State Premier, and the State Police, immediately dispelled the assumption it was an act of terrorism, that in fact it was the act of a lunatic.

Words cannot express the deep sorrow I feel for all of those affected, both victims and their families and friends. I cannot imagine what they are going through right now, even though I have lost many loved ones over the years, because those I have loved and lost went in ways that were expected, to lose someone in an act of selfishness is something I just can’t imagine.

Whatever the reasons behind what happened, we need to make sure that everything humanly possible is done to avoid it again. If the perpetrator has a track record of offending, don’t let them off on bail so they can go off and do something like this in the meantime. If the person has a mental illness, get them treatment before they go off the rails and do harm to others. If they are addicted to some form of intoxicant, help them onto a path to recovery. If anything, an incident like this just shows that our legal, mental health, medical, and family networks need to step up, and prevent these sort of things from getting to this point. Society as a whole still holds some very prejudicial views and stigma’s towards mental health and addiction problems, and perhaps by society growing up, and realising that these people are just normal people with problems, and with treatment and help, they can live relatively normal lives, families , and friends, and those themselves who suffer these afflictions, may finally get the help that is needed, and quite freely available to them.


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