Grey, Brown, Black and Navy Blue

It’s a strange thing, you know. It wasn’t until I was out of my former relationship, in which I experienced 14 years of abuse, that I took a long hard look at my wardrobe. ( Hahahaha, you thought it was something else, didn’t you !! ) It consisted of Grey, brown, black and navy blue clothing. Now, that might not seem that strange, hey, colour in men’s clothing isn’t exactly easy to come by, but there was even an absence of white, or even Maroon. No light colours, except grey. Interesting, isn’t it?

I had always, up until the point of the commencement of said relationship, dressed with at least some colour. As the spark in me faded the longer the relationship went on, the colour faded, until it became dark, uninspiring and dull. It was like in some way that I was trying to blend into the background, into the shadows. Hoping that no one would notice my misery, I didn’t want to burden others with my troubles, so make myself invisible. My self esteem, and zest for life was sucked out by a vampire.

As I emerged from that 14 year coma, I discovered all the darkness in my clothing. What was it saying about me ? This made me think, how many people, that we pass in the street, wearing dark, stormy colours, are going through the same ? I would guess that there are many.

The further I came out of that coma of darkness, I started to seek out colourful clothing, which I said previously, is pretty difficult to find for a guy. As I got more items, the dark clothing went, mainly to the op shop. Now, the vast majority of my clothing is colour. I even refuse to buy navy, black or any other dark coloured shorts, mostly opting for tan or cream coloured pants.

As I made this these changes to my attire, I started noticing a trend. People I knew, who had also gone through traumatic experiences, such as Domestic Violence, or abuse as children, also seemed to embrace colourful clothing. When I say colourful, I mean verging on over the top. But, it seems that to help re-establish who they are, and to see the light and joy in the world, expressing colour in attire, and accessories, is an important thing. I know it was for me.

Now, all I say is anecdotal, but I reckon that if you notice a friend who suddenly goes from colourful, to dark clothing, you might want to start taking notice, and be a real friend. I think, more often than not, they probably need your help.



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