Where have the last 2 weeks gone ?

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of week 3 of term 1 of my son’s school year. It doesn’t seem like it’s 2 weeks since he started back from the Summer Holidays.

This past week started off with a bang, literally, with the little fella deciding that running full pelt into a steel pole with his head, in the school playground, was a good idea. Dropped him off to school on Monday, went home, then at 11.20am, the school calls. He’d knocked himself out, and gave himself a concussion for good measure. I got down there, and he was unsteady on his feet, so I took him to the emergency department of the local hospital, where they checked him out and observed him for about 5 hours before letting us go home. He ended up having to stay home the next day, under doctors orders, and he still reckons his head hurts to touch where he decided to panel beat his head. Poor little bugger. He seems fine, but he is being a bit more cautious now, which is a good thing.

We’ve had some rather hot days recently, and it’s played havoc with me. The arthritis in my neck settled down, which is quite problematic most of the time these days, but my fibromyalgia is causing grief, and because of the heat, my manic depression is also on the blink. I think it may be that even though I am keeping hydrated well enough, the levels of all the chemicals in my system have been put out of whack.

For a few weeks now, the pain levels in a few areas of my body have been increasing, even though I have been keeping up with taking the tramadol for it, I am not sure why exactly it is happening, and hopefully after a visit to the doctor in the coming days I have a better way of dealing with it. It has come to the point it is interrupting my sleep as well, and even if I take the codeine tablets before going to bed, it is still the same. I hate taking codeine tablets, and if they aren’t doing anything, then why bother ?

It’s real hard coping with Fibromyalgia, which if you have it, you know what I am talking about. Most days, I could stay in bed all day quite easily, the only reason I don’t is I have to be a parent, I have to look after my son, so by some sort of super human ability, I drag myself through each day, for him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a whinge, I am just saying how it is. It’s tough enough being a single parent doing it all on your own, then add a debilitating illness or 2 into the mix………. fun and games.

I guess you just have to do what you can, you just have to keep going, even when it seems almost impossible to do so. A big win on the lottery wouldn’t go astray though !!!!


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