Valentine’s Day Sucks.

Even when I was living with the ex, Valentine’s Day sucked. And now, as a single parent for the past 4 years, it still does. Being endlessly reminded that you don’t have a significant other in your life is just plain rudeness.

During the 14 years of my life with the ex, the only person to receive anything in our relationship was her. I wasn’t worth it to her. 14 years, and not even a single card. I had love for her, and so did she, she just didn’t have any for me.

Now, in the void of single parenthood, banged up with all sorts of health issues, I don’t think that Valentine’s Day will have any real positive feeling for me ever. I know this sounds all pessimistic, sure, it does. Prove me wrong. Are you that wonderful woman who is going to sweep me off my feet ?

I guess for a lot of single parents, Valentine’s Day is a pretty shitty day. Not many singles are interested in single parents. I really don’t understand why. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want a guy who can cook and clean, do the laundry, and look after the kids ? And hey, in my case, I even enjoy going shopping !!!!

Ah, this is probably just the late hour of the night, the manic depression, and the fibromyalgia talking. I guess I should just go to bed and snuggle up with my CPAP machine.

Goodnight, sweet dreams.


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