Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a title for a post, especially when you just want to write but don’t know where it’s going to take you. This is one of those sometimes.

I tend to bang on about my health complaints a bit, it is a part of what this blog is supposed to be about, but there is more to my life than my health issues. Take the last few days for example.

Today I put on my volunteering hat and went down to my sons school to start another painting mission. The main corridor of the Junior Wing was painted a ghastly mauve colour, and combined with the rather low ceiling, it made the ceiling feel lower, and the whole place just felt wrong. The Principal approached me about the possibility of painting it a different colour late last year, the original plan was to go in during the holidays and do it, but with all of what happened over the holidays, it has only just commenced. Now, one side is currently on it’s second of probably 4 coats of a very bright yellow, and now the corridor feels lopsided, as the yellow wall looks much taller than the mauve one !!! It’s amazing what colour can do. Last year, I painted some targets on a blank wall next to the Basketball courts, for the kids to have something else to do during breaks. Each one is comprised of exactly the same colours, but each one is arranged differently. They are all the same size as well, but because of the optical illusions created by different colour combinations, some look smaller, and some look much bigger. Crazy stuff !!!

Aside from my volunteering today, I have also made some more progress on a dining table I am making for my brother, it is actually nearly done, another 2 coats of lacquer and I reckon it will be done. I need it finished soon, so it is properly set and dry before I take it down to his place, 300km’s away, in Melbourne, which current planning is it is going to happen during the Easter school holidays.

I have also pressed on with a very long delayed mission to get my bicycle ready for use. I rebuilt and customised one for my son last Christmas, and also rebuilt and customised mine as well, but for 12 months, it has been on hold, due to a combination of feeling like crap most of the time, other tasks to complete, or just not motivated to get on with it. The last things I needed to do was to repaint the handlebars, modify the back wheel, as it had a sucky braking system, so I replaced the rear hub with a back pedal braking one ( if you have never re-spoked a bicycle wheel, my advice is, don’t, it will do your head in !! ), fit a chain, which then was too loose, so then modify a tensioner off a multi-speed bike ( mine has been converted to a single gear, it is made for ease of use for someone who has my afflictions ) so the chain wouldn’t jump off, and now, with all that done, all I need to do now is re-cover the seat with a new piece of vinyl. It actually feels great to have it done, and it actually looks better than I had envisaged when I started out with the modifications 12 months ago. Yay !!!

I’ve also managed to get a few other small jobs out of the way, a couple of additions to my trailer, day to day tasks such as washing and the rest, a little bit of custom trim on my car and even managed to mow the lawn this afternoon, which has probably done me in for a few days now !!!

Yes, the Fibromyalgia is really bad. The mania of the Manic Depression must be around too, for me to get all these things done. I know I will hit the wall bad sooner rather than later. But, you know, right now, life is pretty much as rosy as it gets for me these days, and it’s good.


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