Yes, I am Superhuman. No, no, I don’t fly through the air, I don’t leap giant buildings in a single bound, I don’t smash through walls, no, none of that. I live with debilitating illness, that for most people makes them bedridden for most of the time, and I look after my son on my own. On days when getting out of bed seems an impossibility, I get out of bed. I make my son breakfast. I get him to school on time. I look after the house, I cook meals. Shit, with all my issues, I most certainly am Superhuman to be able to do that !!!

The reason I am writing this is that I was very angry with my son this afternoon. Having spent the day at his school, and working in the corridor outside his classroom, I saw a few things. I heard a few things. Things that have driven me to the end of my tether. I won’t go into it in depth, but at one stage, he got frustrated and gave up, he is struggling with writing and reading, and stormed out the classroom and sat on the floor of the corridor. I asked him what was up, and he said, in a frustrated tone, ” I just can’t do the reading and writing !” Now this is all a bit strange really, his vocabulary is way and above that of most year 6 kids ( the teachers and other staff associated with the school have told me this, they are in fact quite astonished at his ability to use language, and his range of vocabulary ), and he’s only in year 1, but he just has something hindering his progress when it comes to written language. It isn’t due to some ailment or affliction, he’s had the tests, he just isn’t clicking with it just yet.

Anyhow, I let that go while at the school, but when it was time to go home, I was told a couple of things, which got my blood pumping, and when I got home, he got what for from me. No, not a smack or anything like that, but I yelled at him. Loudly. I sent him to his room. I have banned him from TV until he wises up. I told him that if I, with all I have wrong with me, can still get up and look after him every day, when all I feel like doing is giving up, then he can bloody well stick it out and learn to read and write.

I really don’t like getting angry with him. It actually doesn’t happen very often. I am not anti-smack, but it takes a lot, and very bad thing done by him, for that to be a result. I am a pretty laid back parent, I have boundaries that he knows, and for the most part, he doesn’t go outside of those. Being the only parent, I don’t want him to close up on me, so it is a delicate balance to be a parent enough, but be a mate as well, a mate he has no problem talking to about things he needs to talk about. So that’s another Superhuman power I have !!!



One thought on “Superhuman

  1. This is amazing! I feel the same way I wrote about this and the comparison to superheros. If only people knew how difficult ‘easy’ things are for people with such illnesses. Great post – thank you.


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