Luck and other misadventures

I am currently sweating buckets as I type away, it has been a warm day, peaking at about 6.30pm at around 38 degrees Celsius. As night has fallen, a warm blanket of humidity has engulfed us, and since I just had a warm shower, I am struggling to keep dry now. Anyone who has lived in a warm, humid environment knows what I mean, you seem to be wetter after you towel yourself off, than you were when you got out the shower. So I am enjoying some ice cold water out of the fridge, with a nice squirt of lime juice. Nothing like just plain old lime juice, unsweetened, in a glass of cold water.

This past week , well, more accurately last 5 days, has been a lucky few for me. I actually bought a lotto ticket, as this run of luck hasn’t ended yet. Bugger the luck runs in three’s thing, I’m up to 5 in 5 days !! It started with a lucky find, some rims for my trailer, followed by scoring 3 ratchet cargo tie downs for free ( good ones, the ones they use on trucks). I also managed to get my smaller photo printer to work, which was a welcome thing after wasting days and dollars trying to get the large format one working to no avail. Then I went to a garage sale at a mates Mum’s place, and scored 2 brand new tyres for the trailer rims, for $30 for both. These tyres would be well over $100 each. Then last, but not least, I have a buyer for my old flat screen TV, the proceeds of which should cover getting the tyres fitted to the rims for my trailer, and hopefully a little left over.

The only downside of the past few days has been the ever increasing fatigue that has beset me, it doesn’t seem to want to abate right now, but in saying that, the past 2 nights, which I have consciously gone to bed super early to try and overcome this bad patch, at bed by 7.30pm the first night, and 6.30pm the second, I am waking in agony at 3am, and no matter how much I change position, it doesn’t go away. So you can safely guess that pain has also been an issue over the past few days as well. The pain that besieges me at 3am seems to be related to the back injury I sustained in 2005, but the rest is Fibromyalgia. On Saturday and Sunday in particular, I has the worst pain in my Achilles tendons on both sides, and the pain in my feet in general meant that I either had to have my slippers or orthopedic shoes on all the time. My hips and shoulders have been giving me curry too. It really sucks when you get a day or 2 where everything is not too bad, because you spend the whole time cramming in stuff that needs to be done, all the while thinking, is this going to last ?

I also saw my doctor on Thursday, for a bit of a check up, to get prescriptions for my ailments, and to get reports for my application for Disability pension. I know it will be a hard long slog going through the process, but it’s worth it, I hope, as I know, having been a manager of several businesses in the past, no one will employ me when I don’t know if I can make it on a daily basis, and even with that, even if I do make it, I am likely going to need to have a sleep a few hours into a shift. And that’s just to do with my ailments, chuck in the single parent thing, and that’s it. One good outcome of the check up was that for the first time in the doctors surgery, my blood pressure was normal. It has been normal when I have had it checked at the hospital and chemist, but has always been on the high side of OK when I have seen the doctor. My medication for the Manic Depression has also slightly increased again, that starts tomorrow.

Anyhow, I might leave it at that for the time being, I am staying up a little later tonight to see if I can sleep all the way through instead of waking at 3 am, but the old thought processes are starting to wander, so before I start going off on tangents, I should leave it at that. Goodnight.


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