Pain and presents.

Today has been almost hell. Bad sleep last night due to hip pain mainly, but bad pain has generally wracked my body most of the day. When the pain gets so bad with the Fibromyalgia that you can’t get comfortable when lying down, it makes sleep very difficult. My parents visited this afternoon, and I was probably a bit vague, and when I was asked if I was coming over to their place on the weekend, I didn’t know if I would or not. I still don’t know. Just getting to the end of the day, getting a good sleep, and being less in pain would be a good start.

One of the good things that came out of mum and dads visit today was getting a gift from an old artist friend, he sent some photographic reproductions of 2 of his pieces, which I will frame, and a great photo of a wet season storm building up in NW Western Australia. He is a brilliant artist, very well known,  and is also another one of us with mental health ailments. I am lucky to have several very well known and famous artist friends, as well as a few very famous musician and acting friends as well. I now have 4 pieces of work in my home from my artist friends, a few from my muso friends, and I have quite a few DVD movies with my acting friends in them.

Right now, as I sit here with brain fog trying to write, my back has a searing pain near the centre, my hips and tailbone have a very intense deep ache, my fingers are stiff and aching on my right hand, and my neck has a stiff but intense pressure feeling going on. The rest of me is in varying, but lesser levels of pain, the only thing not hurting is my face.

I have been managing to do a few things in fits and spurts today, I am proud to say that I managed to do a small load of washing, last nights dishes, and move a couple of very light shelves around so my lounge room was a bit better organised.  Aside from that, I have had a sleep of about 2 hours late this morning, and not done much else.

One of the things I find amazing is when I read a new article, or another experience from a fellow Fibromyalgia sufferer, is how many symptoms I have that I didn’t know were Fibro related that seem to be common among sufferers. Dizzy spells. Temperature regulation issues. IBS. Sharp, intense pains in the head that last no more than 10 or 20 seconds, but could probably floor a large elephant. There are so many things we all go through, it’s amazing we are able to do anything, but we do, because as I said before, we are Superhuman.

Until I started to suffer from Fibromyalgia, and before I was finally diagnosed, I had no idea how amazing people who suffer from it actually are. I mean, if you can manage to get out of bed for a start, and then to do ANYTHING at all during the day, especially on a bad day, you are bloody amazing. If non sufferers knew what it was like, then they would be amazed that we do anything much as well. For those who don’t know what it’s like, imagine the pain feeling like you have been hit by a truck, all day every day, and the fatigue like being awake for 4 days straight, but all the time, even if you have slept for 12 hours every night. If you are a non sufferer, after hearing that,  do think we are amazing now ??

To be absolutely honest, if it wasn’t for the fact I am a single parent, and have to look after my son, I probably would be in bed 18 hours a day. Thank goodness I have my son. They say that one of the tactics to fight Fibromyalgia is to keep on going, keep moving, I don’t know how effective that tactic is, as every time I do exercise I feel worse, not better, and it is like climbing Mt Everest.



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