I woke up a bit better

Today has been a much better day. I have still been in pain, but a step or two less in severity. I slept better last night, I woke at 5.30am with pain instead of 3am, and when I woke, I got up, had a glass of water ( because I had the dries bad ), and put myself back to bed, eventually waking again half an hour after my alarm went off !!! Luckily I set it on repeat, every 5 minutes for 50 minutes. I have realised I quite often can sleep through the alarm, which could be a disaster, especially for getting my son off to school, so setting it to repeat so many times, and early, means that if I don’t wake up straight away, it will eventually do the job.

Crushing fatigue kicked in around 2pm, I hadn’t done a lot today, because the previous 5 days had really sucked me dry of energy, so I bummed around and watched a movie, managed to strip the sheets on both beds and wash them, and made both beds, all spaced out over about a 6 hour period. I had a lay down for about 45 minutes, not really sleeping, just resting, then got up, hit the pharmacy for a few medicines I was running low on, and picked up my son from school.

After that, we took off to my folks place, as my son has been getting some extra tuition for his literacy from my mum, and it is certainly helping him improve, as today he was awarded a gold sticker for his efforts from the school principal. Even Mum is seeing the improvements, which is a great feeling knowing that a major stumbling block for him seems to be finally eroding.

Driving back, I was feeling rather tired again, but kept it together for the duration, and my son and I even saw a few black wallabies and a grey kangaroo, and had the absolute privilege of seeing my favourite bird, and what I think is one of Australia’s most stunning creatures, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, which stayed put until we were right along side it on the road, at which point it spread it’s gloriously huge wings, with it’s feathers that fade from dark brown to light brown, and the  highlights of the golden creamy yellow. They truly are a magnificent sight to behold. I am in awe at their beauty every time I see one.

Getting back on track after my awe inspiring encounter, when I got home, the fatigue was taking hold in a major way again, managed to cook and eat dinner, and got the boy off to bed. I have been fluffing around for the last few hours, even though tired, scanning some old photo’s to digitise them. One of the things that has become a problem in this second wave of heavy fatigue today is I am constantly feeling dizzy and light headed when on my feet. I guess I really should go to bed. The pain killers have kicked in now, so it’s probably a good idea, at least I should sleep well enough tonight, and should drift off quickly.


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