Stepping it up a gear

For a long time now, I have been trying to get my hobby of photography off the ground and turn it into a money making exercise. After a few false starts, I finally feel like it is ready for launch. I have already won several awards for my photo’s both locally and internationally, and also had a shot featured on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Facebook page a while back. ( The background imagery on this page is my work. )

Yesterday I mentioned one of my Op Shop purchases was an A4 Epson Photo printer. When I first got it, it would not print black. After a lot of cleaning, and soaking the print head in Windex, I have finally got it running really well. Today, I have printed off my first 4 limited edition prints. There will only be 4, all numbered and signed.One is already spoken for, so 3 will be available for purchase. Anyhow, now my $2 Op Shop printer is making it’s purchase worthwhile !!! Anyone who knows a thing or two about printers and especially ones to print photos, knows that Epson are the way to go. Obviously the Op Shop people didn’t know that, otherwise they might not have sold it for so cheap !!

I did a fair bit of experimentation last night, trying a few different photos on a few different papers, some combinations worked better than others. The current  4 I am prepping for sale are black and white, on a 240gsm textured silver paper. The result is better than I expected. I have discovered that colour photos don’t work on that paper though. Later today, I am going to print up a shot to see how it looks on drawing cartridge paper, I have a couple of shot’s that I think will look good on it, so fingers crossed, it works as well as I expect.

So the next stage will be to purchase some frames, and hopefully I can get at least 4 matching frames, for those that I have printed already, tomorrow when I go shopping.

On the health front, I am not too bad, but the dreaded symptom of Fibromyalgia, IBS, kicked in late yesterday, so been having a bit of fun with that today. Oh well, you can’t win them all.


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