I should feel lucky

It seems the end has passed. The end of the better days that is. I guess I should be thankful that for the past 7 days things have been fairly good. Now it’s all vanishing, and the dreaded pain is coming back. Apart from a little IBS and a bit of pain in my neck and the back of my skull, the last few days have been good. But now, as I write, my wrists are aching, I am finding it increasingly difficult to do any fine motor tasks with my hands, the elbows ache, back aches, right knee is stabbing me and the left one is on fire. Oh, and the ankles, well, yeah. I also slept until nearly 10am this morning, when I went to bed around 9pm last night, and even after all that sleep ( I didn’t wake up once ), I woke up ready to go back to sleep. I didn’t, but after having been up now for only a bit over 8 hours, I feel like I used to  when I’d been awake for 36 hours.




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