Life’s Good ( For Now )

The onset of another flare up of the fibromyalgia has been postponed for another day, thanks to a lovely warm and humid day. Just when I thought I was on the slide again too.

Thanks to the agreeable climate, I have achieved many things today. I managed to mow my front lawn, do a bit more work on my new workshop bench, tidy up and sort out the tools and other junk I had out in the workshop, removed the tow hitch from my trailer so I could soak it in fuel to try and loosen the adjuster, and added 4 more tie down lugs to the trailer. It’s still warm here at 9pm, and as such I am still feeling rather good.

In the past couple of days I have managed to assemble my first set of 4 limited edition photo prints, I got the frames on Friday, and last night framed them all up. The first one, 1/4, was a gift for my son’s school Principal. Her response was more than I could have hoped for. The other 3 are for sale. In the coming days I will print off a few more of my photos, and if they are what I am expecting, I will try and get another set, this time a limited edition of 5, sorted out as well. Got to have product to sell it !!!

I am also thinking of running off a few postcards as well, there is a visit by a cruise ship coming up, so it would be good to get a few of those together of some of the local sights. I have plenty of shots that would do nicely for that. So obviously more experimentation to come !!!

In about three and a half weeks time, I will be heading off to Melbourne, trailer in tow, to deliver my brothers table to him. I can’t wait for him to see it. I put a lot of time into it, made it a bit different from previous ones I have made, so hopefully he likes it. It is in a style like a table I made which my parents own, a rustic country style table, theirs is an 8 seater, this one is slightly smaller, a 6 seater, as he lives in a inner suburban unit. It has a few extras in the finish, and considering those were an experiment, they turned out well.

On the table construction front, I have the legs and under frame already for a new one, the frame is already assembled, and the legs are from another project I had on the go a while back. It’s amazing what you find when you do a clean up of the workshop !!!  Now to find the right timber for the top. I will assemble the complete base of it in the coming days, as long as my body holds out. I think this one will be for sale.

I always have so much on the go, having the combination of Bipolar and Fibromyalgia, I have ideas I must enact because of the Bipolar, and then because the fibro kicks in, they get postponed. Eventually they come to a conclusion, sometimes in the space of a few days, and like my bike, 12 months !!!

Keeping myself busy with projects is a way I deal with the Bipolar, using that, I don’t need as much of the chemical intervention of medications. I know where I am with it, so if things get a bit worse, I always have the back up of being able to increase the dose of 1 of my medications, the doctor has agreed that I should do it, and so far, everything is working well. 2 weeks ago, I did have to increase the dosage, but for the the past 4 days I have gone down again, and it seems to have done the trick. I think the key to dealing with a mental illness such as Bipolar is to try and understand your cycles, what the triggers are, when things are starting to go up or down, and adjusting things when needed. I self managed without medication for nearly 3 years, using distraction tactics (projects) but had the presence of mind to realise that I once again needed medicating to help control it late last year. So instead of letting it get worse, I went to the doc. I think that avoiding medication is a good thing, but knowing you need it when you do need it is also important.

I’ve also been having some hassles with my CPAP mask the past week or so. It started with a high pitched whistle developing when the pressure increased, fiddling around with it while it was on my face, it would stop, and I could get back to sleep. The past 2 days, it has got worse, a buzzing noise, which in the early hours of this morning, I just couldn’t stop. I washed the mask today, and discovered that the rubber part of the mask was separating from the hard plastic part, it is supposed to be glued together, but over the 12 months of every night usage, it has eventually let go in several places. That was what was causing all the noises. I have made a temporary repair, but have now also ordered a new mask, this one being different from the current one, meaning I should be able to grow a beard again.

Ah, life is full of surprises, some pleasant, some not so much, but for now, it is as good as it gets these days, which isn’t saying much, but at least it’s not as bad as it usually is.





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