Dog tired and sleepless

I promise, last one for the day !!!

I guess I am “UP” in the Bipolar sense right now. The constantly changing face of both my afflictions certainly keeps you on your toes !!

So here I find myself absolutely exhausted, and in basically day 2 of another Fibromyalgia flare up, meaning the pain is both interrupting my sleep, and stopping me from going to sleep, while at the same time as being heavily fatigued. Then, the Bipolar is shifting me slightly manic, meaning even if I didn’t have the pain stuffing up my sleep, the mania would.

2 nights ago, I missed some medication for my Bipolar, because I had run out the day before, forgot to get the new prescription filled because of fibro fog, and thus had a complete night of lying in bed, not asleep, possibly dozing off for a few minutes here and there, but for the most part mind racing, idea’s flooding my thoughts, and just generally hearing every bump in the night. amazingly I was still fully functioning the next day. I lay in bed all night instead of getting up and painting or writing or watching movies, because my body was so exhausted, in so much need of rest to try and alleviate some of the pain being caused by the onset of the Fibro flare, that I figured it was better to just let my body rest, even if my mind didn’t want to.

Usually, engaging in a big session of pouring the ideas out of my head either onto canvas, or as words, mostly on this blog, I find that it expends enough of the mind activity to get myself to sleep. Right now, it doesn’t feel like it is working this time, but my body, just like the other night, needs me to crash, so for now, I guess I must obey, even if I am lost in ideas and thoughts all night.


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