Driving through early morning fog ( Not metaphorical )

This morning my son and I went on an adventure to get new tyres for my car. They’ve been a bit dodgy for a month or so now, but getting the finances together has been a struggle. Finally, it has happened.

So our adventure started at about 7.15am, we jumped in the car, the early morning light only just illuminating the landscape. Skies at home were clear. Not long after leaving home, the first wisps of fog appeared, and before we knew it, we were surrounded by dense fog. 80 odd kilometres of it just about !! Driving along, it broke for a moment, and as the sun rose, it cast an orange hue across the rural landscape, and in the misty haze across the paddocks, bright orange sheep glowed out of the mist.

Further along, a few dead trees over hung the road, and perched on these branches, were startling white cockatoos, basking in the early morning rays. They weren’t quite awake I think, as the raucous squawking that a synonymous with Cockatoos hadn’t commenced for the day.

The air was cool and fresh, the heat that would envelope the land later in the day was not even a thought. There’s something magical about driving through clouds in the early morning glow.

The traffic was virtually non-existent, which made the journey all that much enjoyable. It was like you had the whole world to yourself. We saw a few kangaroos and wallabies along the way, and the closer we got to our destination, the pine plantations took over, and along the side of the road, Emu grazed.

As we drove into town at our destination, it was nearly 8am ( you may ask, how did I get nearly 100km in 45 minutes in dense fog that only permitted driving at a maximum of 80, well, we crossed a state border and a time zone !! ), and the peace of the morning came to and end, as we started to encounter the traffic, and hustle and bustle of a big town.

The relaxing nature of the morning didn’t quite end though, being so early, hardly anyone was at the shops where we went while the work on the car was being done, and sat in a virtually empty food court, eating Subway breakfast Subs. I’d never had a breakfast at Subway, but it was certainly a good one !

We decided to have a look at a few things in a large department store, my son had taken a bit of his saved up pocket money with him, and ended up buying a couple of DVD’s for himself. We went on a fruitless search in the Op Shops, which was rather disappointing, and once the car was done, we picked up a couple of cheesy bread rolls, a cold drink, and headed back home.

It was nice little adventure, and the best part was we got home just after midday. These days, it takes a lot out of me to be out all day, so making the most of a few hours, and then getting back home is certainly the way for me to go.



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