Me and blogging

When I first heard the term blogging, it sounded to me like some lavatory process.  I don’t know how journalistic writing, because let’s face it, that’s really what blogging is, became blogging.

My blog is a journal. It’s the happenings of my life. It’s my thoughts. It’s my observations of life. I can’t sit with a book and pen in hand, aside from the fact that my ailments are making that exercise more difficult these days, I don’t like traditional Journal writing. It may sound odd, because this is a journal, but for me, offering my insights and experiences on things relevant to me in a more open forum is not only a way of me to get it out of my own head, it is a way for me to possibly make a difference to someone else’s life.

Personally, I have got much from reading other peoples blogs, especially the ones that are about everyday life and struggles. Those who have shared their struggles with Bipolar, have helped me understand my own battle with it. Those who have shared parenting advice, especially those who are doing it on their own, have helped me be better with my own parenting. And the greatest thing for me is, that whatever the issue, if it is something I am personally experiencing myself, it helps me realise that I am not alone.

The internet has become a place where we can all learn. It has brought people together from all corners of the world, to show each other that our lives are really not that much different. Yes, we might live behind different borders, drawn by people long ago, but we all live on the one planet, Earth. We are all humans. We all have the same needs and wants.

I really appreciate everyone that shares their stories with the rest of us. For some, it’s a natural thing, others it’s not so easy, but it feels like a necessity. I for one know how much it has helped me to move forward into a new phase of my own life.

With my bipolar, keeping stuff in your head only makes it worse. So why not blog? It gets it out of your head. It clears some of the millions of ideas that swamp my mind, especially when I am manic. Sometimes, the difference between being able to sleep or not, comes down to me writing a post or two.

Before I wrap up this post, I just want to say thank you to all who have dropped by. 2 days ago, when I logged on in the morning and opened my email account, in the 12 hours I hadn’t been online, I had a very full inbox. And it was from all of you. Seeing that you all appreciate my writings means a lot to me.


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