Noisy Night

I’ve been up for the past hour as it is blowing a gale outside, and the noise is too much to sleep. I had lay in bed for probably an hour before that trying to sleep after waking up,  presumably because of the noise. So here I am, at 4.24am, writing. It’s also quite warm, 26 degrees Celsius, which for this place, and time of year, is very unusual indeed.

So, knowing I will struggle to go back to sleep until the wind abates, I have made a coffee and a small snack, perused the internet, looking at news and Facebook, as well as the weather. Wow, so exciting. ( I am being sarcastic there. )

So now I am trying to decide if I should sort out this room, it is an absolute mess, I have been emptying my filing cabinet, as I am going to sell it, and been putting the stuff into ring binders. Most of it is done now, but now I have a few things, like mementos, that I need to sort through and put into boxes, as well as a bit of paper, old documents that need to be destroyed rather than put in the bin, lying around. I also have a draw in the filing cabinet full of model railway locomotives and carriages, and another full of electrical cords, plugs and AV leads. Still haven’t worked out a new home for any of those yet.

I am sorting through all my worldly possessions, trying to de-clutter. Myself and my parents are having a joint garage sale on Saturday, so need to get the stuff sorted and ready for that. I need to make sure all the big stuff, a few pieces of furniture, are ready for Wednesday, as I will be taking them over to my folks place on the trailer on Wednesday.

Life really isn’t boring, even when it may seem it is !!!



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