Worn out and can’t sleep.

I have been battling some sort of skin condition over the past fortnight, I am winning, it is clearing up, but it has worn me out. I have been covering it in all sorts of lotions and potions, some highly visible, so going out of the house, I have felt very self conscious. You just know people are staring when you have white cream on your face around your nose and neck. Worst thing is though, because it seemed to be infectious, I have been having to wash linen and towels every day, and I have had to avoid cuddles with my son. That last one has been a real hard one.

As I said, it does seem to be clearing up now, my nostrils are no longer red raw and suppurating, and all the other outbreaks have stopped suppurating as well. I guess the itching, which is better than the burning and stinging, is a good sign it is healing. The temptation to itch it is overwhelming, but I am, by some superhuman strength, resisting the urge to have a good old scratch-a-thon.

Apart from that, I have been overcome with fatigue, and pain, once again, but I am pushing on, as on Friday, I will be driving down to Melbourne to deliver a table, and to get some replacement parts for my car, so I have at least a 4 hour drive each way in front of me. I will be away for 3 days, so all the driving is not in one go, but as anyone who has fibromyalgia knows, it takes a lot of mind preparation, and a lot of energy, to do such a trip. Needless to say, when I get home next Monday, I will probably collapse in a heap for 2 or 3 days.

I have also wanted to make the house clean and tidy, as I want to come home from the trip to a nice, clean house. Did I tell you that I am also trying to attempt all this during school holidays ?? I must have rocks in my head !

Tomorrow, if all plans come to fruition, I should finally have the house clean, and my car should also be spotless, ready for the trip. I hate having a dirty interior in the car when going on a long drive, I put up with it when at home, but going on a long drive, it always feels better to have a clean car.  So hopefully, it is all achieved tomorrow, so I can have as a relaxing day as possible on Thursday before the long drive.

Tonight, aside from battling the itching, the constant pain, and a touch of mania which is making it hard to go to sleep, my intestinal tract is giving me a hard time, from top to bottom, I feel bloated, my stomach is turning, and my guts are gurgling. I really need sleep, but all this is driving me insane !!

My fibromyalgia is on the blink because the weather is on the downward trend to winter. I have been struggling more and more with each successive winter over the past 2 or 3 years, along with the arthritis, the fibro has also got worse. I am actually dreading this winter. I know I have to keep going, but this is going to be a tough one.

Aside from ailments, and trip planning, cleaning and other chores, I have been also fixing a few things around the place, I scored a whole other stove and oven the same as mine, and replaced the top and burners, as the old ones on mine were just about beyond redemption. Now my stove looks great again, and seems to be working better to boot !

We have also had a garage sale, and got rid of a few big items of furniture, which has made a LOT of extra space in the unit.

So everything is ticking along, life is marching on, and hopefully, all things go to plan over the next 4 or 5 days. Fingers crossed.



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