Time for a road trip.

Yay ! 1 more sleep ! On the road again !

We are all loaded and ready, bar our pillows, my CPAP machine and our camera’s. So exciting !

I love driving, although these days with this blasted fibromyalgia it is tiresome, but still, there is nothing like being behind the wheel, a strip of black stuff in front of you, and miles to drive. By the sounds of all this, I guess you can figure I am excited !

So the past couple of days have been engaged with doing the final cleaning jobs at home, getting the car all clean and sparkling, loading it up and finally getting the table that I am delivering to my brother  onto the trailer and putting the trailer onto the car.

I have decided to take the slightly shorter, and ever so much more scenic route to Melbourne this time, as the road is markedly better now. I have been recently going via the Princes Highway, which goes through a lot of small towns, but up until my last trip, although slower, was a better road.  Now they have fixed the other road a lot, the Hamilton Highway, so it is time to revert back to the favoured route. That’s why the camera has been charged up in anticipation, the Hamilton Highway has some very spectacular scenery.

I spent a good hour this afternoon uploading songs to my Ipod, what’s a road trip without a soundtrack ??

Anyhow, enough of all the excitement ( it’s all that’s keeping me going, my fibro is flaring something fierce, all the activity of the past few days hasn’t helped either), I must go to bed, I promise I will fill you all in on how it all went when I return. Bye for now.


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