A Road Trip and feeling rough

Our little sojourn to Melbourne was a successful trip. My brothers table made it on the back of the trailer to it’s final destination in one piece, and my expedition to find some replacement panels for my car was also a resounding success.

The trip down to Melbourne took longer than I initially anticipated, I made a wrong choice on the route, well part of it anyhow, and that part took just over 2 hours, instead of about 1 hour and 20 minutes, the road was a mess, so slowed progress quite a lot.

We eventually made it down to my Aunts for lunch, she lives on the western side of Melbourne, and I was dying for a break from driving by the time I got there. It was windy, and had a head wind all the way, so the car was drinking fuel.

After about an hour break, we headed on over to the east of Melbourne, I got caught on the wrong lane on the freeway and ended up having to go onto Kings Way, which takes you past the Albert Park F1 track, and then onto the Princes Highway. In the end, when I got over to the road that crossed back over the freeway, the traffic was at a crawl on the freeway, just like it was when I was forced onto Kings Way, so I reckon I ended up getting to my brothers place quicker by the back way than the freeway anyhow !!

We spent the afternoon getting the table into my brothers house, watching videos on Netflix, and finally heading out to get some groceries and dinner at Camberwell. Ended up being a late-ish night, but a good one.

Next morning, I was on a mission. I wanted to visit 2 wrecking yards to get a new bonnet, boot and rear bumper for my car, as well as a headlight. The boot and rear bumper were damaged 6 months after I got my car, by a drugged up moron in a Holden Commodore, and as it happened basically at the same time my marriage self destructed, I never went after the bloke to repair it, there were more important things afoot at the time. The bonnet and headlight were taken out by a very large Eastern Grey Kangaroo, in July last year when I was looking after my folks place when they were overseas. Fortunately, the Kangaroo got up and bounded away as though nothing had happened, and the car was still drive-able and usable. My mission was to acquire all parts before midday, so I could get back to my brothers place, where hopefully my son wasn’t driving his Uncle mad, and then head out again in the afternoon to visit some Op Shops with my brother and my son, to see if we could get some chairs to go with his table, and to just check out what was available otherwise at these Op Shops as well.

So, I did achieve the first part of the mission, and the second part drew a blank for the chairs, but we did pick up a few DVD’s to add to the collection, and my brother found the couch he wants at an A-Mart store.

Once we got back to my brothers house, my son wanted a bath, as we don’t have a bath, only a shower at home, so a bath in a bath tub is a real exciting thing for him. We got him organised, and then for the next hour, my brother and I watched an amazing storm sweep in across Melbourne City, there was boiling, swirling clouds, dramatic falls in temperature and awesome lightning and thunder. I get starved of this sort of weather where I live, so it was a great way to spend a little time, just watching the power of nature.

The next day, we just chilled out in the morning, we were all a bit tired, and wanted to rest, I got some things ready to drive back home the next day,  and then after lunch, his neighbour upset me, and I decided I would come back home right then and there, as I didn’t want to cause any bad repercussions for my brother by losing my shit at his neighbour.

So then, at about 3.30pm, I drove into the tempest, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, gale force winds, the lot. We drove home, through the tunnel that takes you from the East of Melbourne to the West, over the Westgate Bridge, and eventually took a break at a roadhouse at Little River, just north of Geelong. After getting some refreshments and a snack, the rain had abated, not so the wind, but for the next part of the journey, it was rain free.

The next way point of the journey home was Inverleigh, and as we approached, the next storm front bore down on us, with an ominous wall of black. I paused at Inverleigh to send text messages to family members so they knew our progress and that to that point we were safe, before driving once again into the abyss. Less than a minute after leaving Inverleigh, day turned to night.

More torrential rain. 90 to 100km per hour cross winds. It was basically a white out. I caught up with a train of cars all heading my way, caught behind a horse float, and for over 100 kilometres, we all just followed each others tail lights across the vast Western Plains. You couldn’t see much else. As we approached Derrinallum, the home of Mt Elephant, the rain eased, not so the winds, but the sky developed a strange, eerie glow.

Mt Elephant’s head was lost in the clouds, and then once again, the eerie glow made way to another wall of inky black, and from that point on, it became night. ( Although at that point sunset was still an hour away. ) The torrential rain returned, and the final slog home, buffeted by strong crosswinds, was a real mission. I arrived in Warrnambool around 7pm, drove on to my parents place, where mum had made us dinner, and then after a brief break, we drove the final 20 kilometres home. I can’t tell you enough how good bed felt that night. The weather had made it feel like I had been wrestling a steer for 4.5 hours, when all I had been doing was driving a car.

So, since our return, I have fitted all the new parts to the car, and it looks like a new car again, I have joked with my car mad neighbour that it feel’s like I have bought a new car for $280 (that’s what all the parts cost me). It hasn’t looked this good for at least 4 years.

After the grueling journey home, I had an extremely sore left arm, shoulder and left side of my neck, the constant jolting and jarring of the car being smashed by the winds had basically given me whiplash. My arm and shoulder are fine now, but my neck is still killing me. I have also had a resurgence of the fibromyalgia again, and seeing I only have one type of painkiller right now, it isn’t really enough, so trying to sleep is a bit hard right now. I haven’t had a decent sleep since Monday. The weather is now cold, winter is knocking at the door, and I think I am in for a really rough time this winter. Just have to keep going, at least I have a reason to, my son. At least my Bipolar isn’t causing me any grief for the time being.


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