Night Driving.

One of my favourite things is night driving. Well, I say that, but in reality, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to do it. If it’s busy, with lots of traffic, and roadside lighting, I pretty much have to forget it now.

On my recent trip to visit my brother in the city, we took a ride down the road to do some grocery shopping, and get dinner, it was night time, and to be honest, I am glad my brother was there to drive. I just couldn’t see. All the lights blurred into a haze. It freaked me out a bit.

And then there is driving in the countryside at night. I do this often, as I live in the country. But over the last 10 months or so, I have become ever more cautious driving in the dark. My eyes just don’t seem to take in as much as they used to. It’s not so bad when there is a fairly clear road verge, but a little longer grass along the roadside, and that’s it. I used to be able to spot wildlife in the grass on the sides of the road well before I got to them, now, even with a lot of extra lighting on the car from a light bar and 2 LED spotties, I have to crawl along at under 50km/hr, as my eyes and brain can’t process the required information to go any quicker.

Obviously, this is worse when I am tired, and with my fibromyalgia seeming to get worse as time moves on, I am pretty much tired all the time, so night driving, the thing I enjoy so much, is becoming a pleasure of the past. Now it is more of a nerve wracking experience.

Before all this set in, I loved driving in the night time for a few reasons. When you travel at night, it is cooler for one. There is also less traffic. You can feel like you are the only person that exists. You see some amazing things when driving in the dark through the countryside. I’ve seen all sorts of nocturnal wildlife, various types of kangaroos and wallabies, who hide in the bush during the day, but are all over the place at night. You see all sorts of different possums, owls, wombats, I’ve even seen numbats recently as well. Echidna’s, small native hopping mice, frogs, so much wildlife you just don’t ever see in the wild if you move around during the day.

Then there are the things like seeing the worlds outside of our own, glistening in all their glory in the night sky, or spectacular displays of lightning illuminating towering thunder storms. Yes, storms look impressive even in the day, but at night they are something else.

Because I have enjoyed driving at night for so long, pretty much all of the cars I have ever owned have had decent driving lights as well. You do have to be able to see, obviously, and the high beams of standard headlights are really not adequate. My current driving lights, which are all LED ones, will illuminate a straight stretch of road for a couple of kilometres ahead. Of all the driving lights I have ever had, LED’s are the only way to go. I am not even sure why they still make the others.

Anyhow, I might leave it at that for now, I must enjoy another night of minimal sleep, the inability to get comfortable in bed due to the pain, and another morning tomorrow waking tired again.  I hate Fibro flare ups.


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