The “ME” Age.

Yeah, yeah, I know what your thinking, I was going to bed to not sleep when I posted my last piece. Well, after a nice hot shower, I still feel like crap, so I decided to write about something I have been mulling over for a while, instead of rolling from side to side, unable to get comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.

So, The “ME” Age ?

Well, it’s sort of like how we chronicle previous time periods in history. You know, The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, that sort of thing. I am declaring the current time we live in The “Me” Age.

Why, you may ask ?

Well, we live in a time of great selfishness. A time, where everyone seems to be just concerned about themselves, with very little regard for anyone, or anything, else. Now, I may get a little political here, it is in my genes, but the political component I feel is a symptom of the disease of selfishness more so than the cause, although it has also heavily influenced the establishment of The “ME” Age.

I can’t speak unequivocally about other countries in the world, but I can about my own, and from what I have observed of what has been going on in other nations, it seems the whole world is infected with this disease. I mean, how else can you explain President Trump ?

In Australia, this rapid descent into shear selfishness began when we had a Prime Minister, John Howard, who was a prime example of a person suffering from Short Man Syndrome, or otherwise known as a Napoleon Complex. He was short on substance, short on policy, and pretty much got elected because we had had a decade and a half of the opposing political force as the government, and despite the premise of ” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, people, in a deluded state, fell for the idea that the others had been in to long, and it was time to give someone else a go.

So, after his first term, where he did nothing, apart from selling off everything, he was well on the nose, facing a first term defeat, when he came up with the master stroke of divide and conquer, making an issue out of lies, and setting us back 50 years, and making racism the new currency once again. Our nation had come so far, where Multiculturalism was working. We had nearly eradicated the scourge of racism. Children were being taught about our nations real history, the real deal, not the conquerors version, the unsanitised version. We embraced the truth, we brought ourselves together, we made real progress towards become a nation that accepted the diversity we had in spades. We gave a shit about each other.

Now we had a time, where our Prime Minister told us to fear differences again. It became the old story of us and them again. Lines were drawn in the sand. Then, in his infinite wisdom, and with advice against it, he decided to join in with the Bush Clan and bomb the crap out of Iraq. Today’s problems all stem from that moment in time. Of course people are going to be pissed at the people who killed their Mum’s, Dad’s, children, Aunts, Uncles, so on and so forth. The only people to blame for our current global woes are those who elected these numbskulls and tyrants into power.

So, armed with this new philosophy of separation, of us and them, it was easy to start selling the line that we all must concern ourselves with self benefit, that nobody else mattered. The same thing Adolf Hitler did, only Adolph could only dream about the success these modern day tyrants have had.

Now, we should not help the poor, we need to shove them further into poverty, shit, if they die, we don’t have to worry about them anymore. We must make as much money for ourselves, having more and more is not enough, we must have it all. Even if that means that we destroy every democratic institution, the environment, and every Human Right that exists. Workers are there just for the profit of the company, once the company breaks them, throw them away, get new ones, and whilst we’re at it, make sure that those broken workers disappear into the ether, we don’t want to look after them even if we broke them.

Then we have symptoms of selfishness. Self obsession, driven by technology, I mean, who takes selfies for a living ? We have people that are so self obsessed, and enough people not satisfied with being themselves, that we have people looking up to trailer trash like the Kardashians. People are sick. Communities are sick. Self obsession is destroying civilisation. Self obsession is completely uncivilised.

Since when did it become OK to put others lives at risk by talking or texting on a mobile phone when driving ? Since when did it become polite to treat those who do jobs that aren’t desirable, but essential, as nothing more than trash ? Hey, if you are at a shop, and at the checkout, engage with the human, not your fucking phone. Manners cost nothing, but are worth a lot.

The pinnacle of the idiocy of the current age is Christianity, well in the West anyhow. Christ was a refugee. Christ accepted everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. He was about peace. Christ believed in Charity, helping those who couldn’t help themselves. Now, his followers are hell bent on demonising refugees. Now his followers are singling out those who don’t conform and destroying their lives. They beat the drums of war and hatred. But, they still call themselves Christian. If Christ was alive today, he’d be locked up in a Gulag, or bombed to kingdom come, by those who proclaim to be his followers. Does anyone else see the irony in that ?

One of the things that I also see as a worrying side effect of this Age of “ME”, is the unbridled advancement of technology. Look, I don’t have a problem with technology in general, so many things are better for it. I am reminded of a character in Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, and the line he says about, and I am paraphrasing, how just because something is possible, doesn’t mean we should. He goes on to say something along the lines that because they didn’t have to do the hard work of creating the technology, and used it to do what they did, they didn’t ask themselves the question of if they should. So we have advanced technology, being misused, endangering people’s lives. We have people trying to create autonomous computers and robots, who can think for themselves. It makes the scenario in The Terminator, where a computer becomes self aware, and discovers a way to terminate their human masters, much more of a reality. As I said, the should I, just because I can, is not being asked. The urge for fame, the push of self interest, has smothered ethical reasoning.

I don’t know where we go to from here. If we continue down this track, we are going to end up as every civilisation before us, destroyed by greed, destroyed by selfishness, to become just a memory of the past. That’s if we don’t completely wipe our species out this time round.


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