For the second time in about 10 months I have had a fall. the first I blacked out during a coughing fit, and fortunately, I was looking after my folks home while they were away overseas. Fortunately, as I fell straight on my backside, and their floor is wooden. Wooden floors give, a little. I terribly bruised my coccyx, and upset all my major back complaints as well, and could hardly walk for a few weeks. The pain was so bad they actually gave me Endone at the hospital to ease it. That shit works !

This time, which was yesterday, I tripped over my foot. Yes, my foot. My last “migraine” nearly 18 months ago was more likely a small stroke, as since then I have discovered my left side doesn’t work quite as well as it should anymore. My left hand sometimes doesn’t work properly, and I have to concentrate when walking, especially when tired, as my left foot will drag if I don’t. And that’s what got me yesterday. My left foot. I felt myself start to fall, I was half asleep, tried to correct it, but couldn’t save it. I fell hard, this time at home, and trust me, carpet really doesn’t make much difference to the impact on a concrete floor. There is no give in concrete.

So the aftermath was me crying on the floor for a few minutes, then gingerly testing what was still working, before finally trying to remove myself from the floor. I landed on my left side, so my hand, upper arm and knee in particular hurt the most. I was concerned I may have broken something, as my upper arm had a very intense, deep ache, and my hand definitely felt as though I had broken something. For the next few hours, I couldn’t put much weight on my arm, and most things I just couldn’t do with my hand, it really was intense pain. Gradually, my arm felt better, it is still sore, but not broken, but my hand right up until I went to bed felt like something was broken. Well this morning, it didn’t. Yes, I have some great aches and pains still, but thankfully, it seems, I haven’t broken anything. Dodged another one. Oh, I did make a mess of my knee, there was blood.

In the midst of all this, I am having a really nice flare of the fibro again, it’s getting colder now, winter is well on it’s way, so this is looking exciting, not. You just have to keep on going on, nothing else you can do.


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