Up late

My son is determined to stay up late, and I’m not fighting him over it. Tomorrow is ANZAC Day, and he doesn’t have school, but he does have to be at the Memorial Service at 9.30am, as he is singing with the school choir at it. So a late night, get up a little later, do the deed, and then if he wants to have a sleep during the day, no problem. I probably will, well, I always need a sleep during the day, whether I get to it or not is another thing.

Unlike most boneheaded Australians, I understand what ANZAC Day is about. It is about remembering those that gave their lives in a fight against fascism. It is about remembering those that came back, but over the passage of time, are no longer here. It is about never letting their sacrifice be forgotten, and also it is a time to remember what a terrible waste of life war is. No returning serviceman wanted to do that again, unless they were psychotic. The best way to honour them is to never let it happen again. And by the way, there is nothing to celebrate on ANZAC Day. IT IS NOT A CELEBRATION.

Unfortunately, the same forces that those young men and women were fighting, are now using this day as some nationalistic, wave the flags and bang the drums fest, while plotting the very next world war. Humanity will be very lucky to survive if it does happen.

Anybody who has ever taken the time to talk to a Veteran will know that none of them want it to happen again. They don’t celebrate war. Many have been left severely traumatised, all, never have a normal life again. War takes not only the lives of those struck down by a bullet or a bomb, it takes the lives of those that return too. These servicemen and women don’t march on these days of commemoration to celebrate war, they march in honour of those mates, those friends, who never made it home, and those that did, but have passed in the decades since.

People need to start to wake up to the fact that every politician, or leader of a political party, that wants to turn these events into some celebratory occasion, as I said, a bang the drums and wave the flags nationalism, are the same as those that started the wars that those men fought. They are using the same tactics that led to those wars in the first place. They are setting up a situation where they are dehumanising people who are different, who believe things they do not. In most Western Nations, Islam is seen the same way that Hitler saw Hebrews. Muslims are the new Jews. Can’t anyone else see that this is wrong ? Even the rally cries and language of our Western leaders is a mirror of what the Nazi’s under Hitler used. For fucks sake people, wake up, before we are all dead !

One of the most ludicrous statements that these ultra right wing fascists love to use is that the Muslims want to take over the world, they want to wipe us out. Well, if that’s what they wanted, they would have already done it. There are nearly 2 Billion Muslims in this world of 6 billion people. They haven’t done it, and they don’t intend on doing it.

IS is just a group of radical, right winged fascists, who happen to say they are Muslim. They really aren’t Muslim, it’s just a tactic to get more recruits. And then what do the rest of the world do ? We elect radical, right winged fascists, people EXACTLY the same as those who are apparently the enemy. We elect the enemy !!!!

If you don’t believe me, look at how they want to control your lives. They mislead you, telling lie after lie and call them alternative facts ( in other words, LIES ). They dictate to you what you can and can’t do with your own bodies, and behind closed doors, and even who you can marry, based on THEIR RELIGION. They want to lock you up indefinitely, if they see you as a threat to THEM, under the guise of National Security. Then to top it off, they go and create the next lot of people who want to fight you, by bombing the fuck out of someones country for no other reason than corporate profit. And then they create the next lot of veterans, from another war, that need commemorating.

I just can’t understand, in this day and age of freely available information, of freely available FACTS (not the alternative ones), how anyone with a brain between their ears actually believes and supports this fascist, ultra right wing agenda. Maybe it’s just this mass delusion that the rich have got our backs, that those with the money care about us, that they want us to have what they have. They bloody well don’t. But they have many convinced, through the un-reality shows, like the Kardashians, like X-Factor, like The Voice, which sell the line that you too can be rich, just like them. It’s the carrot, that the donkey never gets..

So, before you go out tomorrow, or any other day of remembrance of those fallen, don’t feed the fascists, don’t celebrate nationalism, remember those that fought against them


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