Too much bullshit advice.

When I have a major episode with either of my 2 illnesses, I tend to go online and look up what advice there is around to handle a flare up, be it the Fibromyalgia, or the Manic Depression. What I have discovered, is that there is not much actual advice that means anything.

Like the unsolicited advice of the pharmacist I got last week, when I went in to get some painkillers for the fibro pain. “Vitamin D, you have to have Vitamin D, lots of it, the more, the better”. So, in my quest to see if this was the case, I discovered 1 or 2 studies, which eluded to improvements to pain for female fibromyalgia sufferers. Then, a little more reading and research gave me more insight. Both studies, were paid for by vitamin manufacturers.

Time and time again, the advice I read, with associated studies, brings me back to a vested interest funding those studies. Hey, if a funding opportunity comes up for a lab desperate for cash, I am sure they can verify anything works. Whether it be advice of vitamins making a difference, a certain medication helping, or some sort of exercise regime, they are respectively, almost always, funded by a major Vitamin or Pharmaceutical manufacturer, and in the case of the exercise stuff, a manufacturer of exercise equipment or a major gym franchise. They always come with the footnote that not all remedies work for everyone, so best to work out what works for you. My guess is that these remedies don’t work for anyone but the manufacturers themselves. Fooling vulnerable people, who are desperate for some sort of remedy for their illnesses, is the game of these people.

We all hope for that magic cure for what ever illness it is we have. This is what these unscrupulous people bank on.

I have also looked at a few of these online support forums. Dig below the surface, and you find the same people are behind them. Jane Doe, fibromyalgia sufferer for 15 years, is often Joe Bloggs, marketing manager of We’ll Dupe You Pharmaceuticals. As I said, these people will do anything for a buck.

Yes, I sound jaded, yes I am very cynical, but it is that that saves me from these people. I know some things do work, like warm baths to ease the fibro pain. I am sure some of the exercise stuff works for people who aren’t in the most advanced stages of the ailment, it may even help ward off the worst of it for a bit longer. But to be frank, I am quite sick and tired of Bullshit advice.



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