What Day Is It ?

I found myself wondering this this morning. It’s one of those weeks, like last week, where the week is interrupted by holidays. Last week, it was the last day of school holidays on Monday. This week, yesterday was ANZAC Day. It really throws you out, especially when you have a medical condition that leads you to forget what the fuck is going on most of the time anyhow !!

So, I got up this morning to the school morning alarm I have set for 7am, took my medications, made a coffee, and parked myself in front of the computer after getting my son breakfast. I got him to read me his 2 readers for school, and then lost myself online. At 8.37am, I realised it was time to go to drop him off at school, but didn’t realise, until he told me, that I hadn’t made him lunch yet !! So we quickly got a ham and cheese sandwich together, and a couple of pieces of fruit, filled his water bottle, and flew out the door. Made it just in time for the first bell, which is the time they swap readers, and get prepared, before the official start at 9am. That was a close one !!!

I’ve also got a school council meeting this afternoon, and because of the out of sorts days, it just doesn’t seem that it is right, but it is. I think you can forgive me for feeling lost this week !!!



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