Wee hee !! I’m a bird, whoosh ! Now I’m a DI. NO. SAURRRRR, Rarrr ! I. AM. A. ROBOT, Bzzzzz, blip !

Yep, I’m nutowato right now. Freezing bloody cold, with both heaters blaring, trying to get some heat going inside. My hands are like ice, and under my orthopedic shoes and thick socks, the cold is creeping into my toes as well. Needless to say, EVERYTHING hurts.

“Just to check, please raise your hand and say yes if you are present.”


“Yes, I’m here sir.”




“Present, sir.”

“The Bipolar Twins, Manic and Depressive?”

“Manic and Depressive, are you here?”

“I’m here sir, Depressive is waiting at the door.”

“Right then, most of you are here, stop having a wild party, and settle down!”

Wow, as you can see, I’m even having conversations with my ailments !!! As predicted, the onset of the icy cold weather has set me up badly. I knew this year was going to be worse. Last year was worse than the previous year, so I guess it’s just a natural progression. Can I just win the lotto already ! That way, I can move to a place where there is no such thing as cold. Cold is my enemy, almost as bad as my ex.

To take my mind off all that is going wrong, I have got back to writing a story I started a month ago, now have 2 chapters completed. Seeing I can’t do much outside now winter has decided it is here to stay, why not try and write a best selling novel ? I’ll be in the warm cocoon of my office, warm and dry, and sitting in my comfy office chair, hey, what’s not to like about that ? In all seriousness though, life won’t let that dream be so easy, I still have to do the school run, I still have to venture out to get groceries, and then the never ending task of housework. I can’t avoid the freeze.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how much of my sanity I lose this year. I’ve just made and had dinner, and popped a couple more codeine, so hopefully in a few more minutes the pain eases enough to just be bad, instead of excruciating.

On a brighter note, things are on the up and up with my son and his progress at school. He is finally getting the reading thing, and just like happened with his maths in the middle of last year, something has clicked, and away he goes. Even his Principal commented at how much he has taken off in the past month, she is very impressed. Not to boast or anything ( nah, I’m boasting!!), she even said with his high IQ, now he’s getting the reading and writing thing, he’s going to leave everyone in the dust.

Oh, now I’ve done it ! “Push the tempo, push the tempo, push the tempo, push the tempo, push the tempo, god bless the tempo”.  Ya Mama – Fat Boy Slim.

Might lose myself in some music for bit. See ya on the flip side !



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