Watching the liars implode

I read a post on another blog earlier today, and the writer was talking about finally not getting bothered by people talking shit anymore. She said how when she heard people saying things that were blatantly incorrect, she used to not be able to contain herself and set the record straight. Now she has discovered the freedom of just letting them go on with it, and walking away.

I must admit, it is a struggle to get to a point where you decide that trying to inform dumb people of the facts, instead of the fallacies, is actually a pointless exercise. But when you do, my god, it’s so much fun watching them implode when the truth hits the fan !!!

Living in a small town, the gossip mill is an ever present force. You hear all sorts of juicy tidbits, most of the time completely untrue. The spectacular moment is when the rumour mongers get caught out at their own game. I know a few friends, sick of bullshit being said about them, started a few rumours of their own about themselves, so totally absurd that there was no way they were true, and to watch all the gossips have a conniption over it was priceless !!!

I must admit, when it comes to the wider world, I still have a great deal of trouble biting my tongue when I hear politicians, and their supporters, spouting complete untruths, or alternative facts as they now call them. I have culled a large portion of my Facebook friends because of it, I just got so sick and tired of reading the racist, bigoted and just outright outrageous crap, and then getting into epic arguments on posts, trying to show them the light. It doesn’t matter how many actual facts you place in front of these people, they will find some crackpot article, or some crackpot study, that has been completely proven to be total bullshit,  and cannot see that what they believe is in fact some fantasy. I have even cut myself off from some of my extended family because of their total ignorance. I really can’t stand dumb shits.

So, you just have to turn off from it all. That’s not to say I don’t get involved with the occasional conflagration when it tickles my fancy, but because I refrain, and distance myself as much as possible from the dipshits, those rare occasions where I do get stuck in are more fun than anything else. It’s so much fun watching them implode !!! The more calmly you write, the more factually you write, the more frantic and totally insane they become. I’d love a dollar for every time I’ve been called a “bleeding heart”, or a “fucktard lefty”. Geez, if I had a dollar for each one, I might be rich enough to be a C. U. Next Tuesday, just like them. Not likely, all the money in the world wouldn’t make me be an uncaring prick.

So there you go, from a single post, from The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old, you got all that out of me !!!

Seriously, this blog is a great blog, check it out:


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