I’m done with online dating.

It really is a big, wanky waste of time. How can we really be ever sure that their “success stories” are real? In all honesty, you’re probably better off putting a notice on your local shopping centre’s notice board.

Now, I’m no supermodel, hey, I’m probably more like a Picasso. But geez, the detritus of humanity you see on these online dating sites, my god, seeing that there are so many of the same, drug addicted looking, Kim Kardashian wannabees, it really makes you wonder if there is anyone out there that doesn’t get raging drunk every second night, that doesn’t have kids to 4 different partners ( Big warning sign not to go there, they just want another lot of child support), doesn’t have a square inch of skin without ink ( I don’t dislike ink, but most are really just brainless tramp stamps, and I think that excessive ink is a sign of deeper issues), there’s an astounding lack of anyone remotely seemingly normal.

You know what, I see more beautiful, intelligent, and stable women on the blogs I follow of people with similar mental and medical health issues as I do than I ever see on those dating websites. I have had 2 online interactions with women on a particular dating site, we chatted a bit, but the cracks in the false facade very quickly appear. I am not fussy, I just expect the same as I give. I want quality, not factory seconds. ( No, that doesn’t mean I am averse to someone divorced or separated or a single mum, I’m a separated single dad, if I wasn’t willing to accept a single mum or separated or divorced woman, I’d be a hypocrite.)

Then the other interactions, the ones that you can spot a mile away. Extremely attractive photo, almost modelling shots, not much personal info, and vague “what I’m looking for” descriptions. While I’m on the profile bit, who goes on a dating site and doesn’t put a photo of themselves up at all ????? Anyhow, back to the suss ones. I have had a few “likes” from some of these glamour pusses, and you know the first thing I do ? I open google image search. Suddenly, “Destiny” is “Anna”, or “Miranda” or 50 other names, all the same photo. You know where I am going here, don’t you ? I still don’t understand why people get sucked in. Surely people aren’t that desperate for a fuck ?

So, the most recent one. Liked me at about 10am on a Friday. 3pm wants to meet up that weekend. Honestly, I need to get to know you a little better before I jump in the car and drive 50kms to meet up with you. Is 37, has a 23 year old son. Hmmmm. ( 37 – 23 =……..14 !!!!!!) Is a nurse in aged care ( why is it they are ALL nurses in aged care ???), not that that matters though. I mean, where’s the sexy, intelligent school teachers ??? That would ring my bell !!!!! The alarming thing to me though is the immediate desperation to meet up. Warning sirens everywhere. I did give her a chance, we conversed for about 2 weeks, but really, not much between the ears there I gathered.

So that’s it. I have now deleted my account. It’s up to the old fashioned, meet someone in the street, love at first sight, and the fairy tale begins…….. Or I put up a flyer at the local shopping centre !!!!!!



3 thoughts on “I’m done with online dating.

  1. Instead of putting a poster in ur local shop (which is a fantastic idea by the way) you should do a self promoting blog post, almost like a dating cv! U might pull someone who really gets u in the same community! This was meant to be a joke but I actually think it’s a good idea lol xxx

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    1. I just did another post, a “what am I looking for” one. The next should be “what do I have to offer” !!! I guess if people read my other posts, they’ll see I can cook, clean, look after children, and am generally pretty useful when I am not struck down with my ailments. I am a very well domesticated male, my mum trained me well !! Hey, blogging is supposed to be about fun as much as the serious stuff, why not be a bit silly !!!

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      1. Oooo I’ll have to give that a read when i get a sec!!! Haha you should definitely do that, It would be a brilliant read! I’m writing about what ever takes my fancy, bipolar, sex tips, funny stories, wee, … the list goes on lol being silly is the fun part! U sound like u have a lot to offer, y not show it off! Xxx


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