So, what AM I looking for……..

I guess I should follow the last post up with what I am looking for in a partner, hopefully one that will be there the rest of our lives. Just to show I am not some wanky arsehole that is looking for something to fuck and move on to the next one. If my nearly 6 years of celibacy doesn’t tell you something, then it should tell you I am not that sort of man.

So, what am I looking for? Lets start a list;


Definitely no stick insects. If you look like you need a years worth of good feeds to be a healthy weight, you’re not for me.

And no fake ANYTHING either. I don’t care if age has started to show itself on your face, or anywhere else. You’ve earned them.

I guess someone that has a figure like Samantha Armitage, the Channel Seven morning breakfast show presenter in Australia, is the sort of womanly shape I am after. Some sexist pigs have called her fat, she is healthily curvy, and not unnaturally like the Kardashians.

I am also a sucker for a great smile ( not a fake one, and definitely not the duckface !!), I am drawn to vivid blue or green eyes, and brunettes and blondes.


Someone who has one !!! It seems to be a lacking character trait these days !!

Laid back, not aggro, not self absorbed, or absorbed in an lcd screen. If they are madly in love with themselves, they probably don’t have any room to love anyone else. ( This goes for guys who are gym junkies too. Ladies, he’s so self absorbed, so in love with himself, he’s never gonna love you !!)

A brain. Someone that actually thinks. Someone who knows Donald Trump and Tony Abbott are liars and complete morons. Someone who realises that if we look after community, community looks after us all. Sort of goes back to that self absorbed thing. If you applaud the “ME” generation, thanks, but no thanks.

Other essential qualities.

Not a bully. Not controlling.

Accepts me and my son as a package deal.

Other desired qualities.

An interest in the arts.

An interest in the environment.

An interest in the world.

Someone who thinks outside the box.


Now, someone living in Australia, or who wants to, is a big plus, and sorry ladies, if you are a New Zealander, unless you are something amazingly special, and vastly different to other New Zealand women I have met, please don’t apply. I’m also not after a Cougar, I am about to turn 40, so 39 to maybe as young as 25 is my preferred age range, but above all, we must click. If we don’t click, it ain’t gonna work. So, anybody want to apply ? 🙂




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