Righting a wrong.

I am a superhero ! My superpower is truth and justice.

Well, 3 kids are going to think so tomorrow, but they will not know it was me, sort of like nobody knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Hahahaha!! I like that, I am the Batman !!! Hahahahahahaha !!!!

Today was the cross country carnival at my son’s school. Each year level, divided into boys and girls, ran their races. My son’s group had a false start, and then when they did run, all but 4, my son and 3 of his best mates, cheated. All the other boys cut across the oval, out of sight of the finish line, crossed the line, and the first 3 promptly awarded their ribbons. So, here’s where me, Batman, steps in.

After all the ceremonial stuff was done, and all the kids headed to their classrooms to collect their things to go home, I headed on over to the sports teacher, and said,” the result of the Grade 1 boys race is wrong”. I then explained how me and another parent saw what happened, as well as a staff member, but all the awarding of ribbons was over and done with before we could let them know. I was assured they’d check it out, and work out what to do.

Just after I got home from the school, I get a call from the Principal. “thank you for letting us know. Tomorrow, at assembly, we are going to fix it all up.” All the other boys were disqualified, except for my son, and his 3 good mates. They were the only ones who ran the entire course. So, my son is now in first place, his good mate S (no names, so just their first initial will suffice) is second, and his mate C is third.

Now, I would have said something even if my son had done the wrong thing. I don’t believe in cheating.  It just so happens that my son, S, C and his other mate Z who is now the fourth place getter, all followed the rules. My son is aware of the outcome, I have let the mum of S know, but she is going to keep it a secret until the assembly, but she has told his dad, and he is over the moon. I have made my son promise not to say anything. In all this though, I think the greatest outcome is that C is third.

Now C is the most delightful kid. Smart, quiet, doesn’t cause a fuss and always polite. He’s also very tubby. But you know what, what he lacks in athletic ability, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm and determination to complete the race. He’s the kid that does the events on sports day, knowing it is almost certain he won’t win anything, but he gives it his best shot anyhow and never gives up. I never thought I would admire a 6 year old so much, but he really is an amazing little soul. So now, he is the 3rd place getter in the Grade One 2017 Cross Country.

The down side of being a superhero is that there will always be haters. The schools number 1 gossip, overheard me questioning the result, her kid wasn’t affected, but she has immediately gone and told the mother of one of the original first 3 who now is disqualified, and even though they don’t know whats going to happen tomorrow, I have copped a mouth full at the shops on the way home from her.

Look, I’m sorry that your kid is a dirty little cheat. I’m sorry you approve of your son being a cheat. I’m sorry that you don’t see that approving of cheating is morally wrong. I mean you, a good church going, god fearing, spend all your spare time at the church, citizen, I thought you think that only religious people have morals ? So where has your moral superiority gone ?

I’ll take it on the chin. I did the right thing, and by doing so I am showing all the kids that doing the right thing is the best course of action. I don’t deserve to get abused by someone who thinks she’s somehow better than me, but, I really don’t care to be honest.

So yeah, Batman here. Do the right thing kiddies. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Be kind to everyone. Even if people don’t like you for doing the right thing.


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