The Dis-Empowering, sexist exercise called the Debutante Ball.

I’m still flabbergasted that in this day and age, archaic displays of dominance over women by men still occur. There are many examples of this. One, which I have never seen anywhere, until living in the state of Victoria, Australia (I had heard of them, but not been anywhere where this prehistoric event was still practiced), is the Debutante Ball.
This is all about the dominance of the male parental figure over the daughter. The women, mothers and their daughters, even grandmothers, have been brainwashed into thinking this is some glamorous event all about getting dolled up to the nines, making sure that all effort is made to make the Debutante look as feminine as possible, and that it is some sort of “right of passage”.
A Year 12 Graduation is a right of passage. Getting your drivers license is a right of passage. Turning 18 and 21 is a right of passage. Being a controlled woman, and happily going to an event that celebrates being a controlled woman is not a right of passage, it is an insult and is a demonstration of sexism.
Debutante Balls need to quietly fade into the history books, if we are still serious about sex equality, and empowering women, then the dis-empowering, sexist, archaic, prehistoric male dominance fest of a Debutante Ball must cease to exist

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