Slogging on

When going through the crap of a debilitating condition such as Fibromyalgia, you just have to keep going on. Day by day, week by week. Sometimes, the pain will ease off just enough, like the past 2 days, so that you feel vaguely human for a bit. It’s funny how bad pain is okay when you’ve been experiencing really, really bad pain for a couple of weeks.

The lengths of the bad bouts are becoming more prolonged each time it gets colder, earlier this year I had a bout for about a week, and was at the end of my tether by the last day, thinking that if I woke up the next day the same I would completely loose my marbles. Now, I am surviving bouts 2 weeks in duration. Can’t say I haven’t lost my marbles, hey, some of my posts like Nutowato are pretty good indications I have been on the verge of insanity a few times.  But, you just have to keep slogging on.

Last night, I sat and edited (finally) the photo’s from the sports day a few months ago at my son’s school. Because I was taking action shots, I had it on rapid fire mode, so for the nearly 100 shots that are good enough, nearly 800 shots were taken. Each shot has to be looked at, then if it is something good, you then edit, maybe straighten it out a little, tweak contrast or exposure, slightly crop for best composition, and then I add my name in small text in the lower right hand corner. It is time consuming.

I figure that when you go out photographing things, on little expeditions, you could take 100’s of shots in a few hours, and for every hour of photography, you probably have 2 hours of sorting and editing. Last nights mission started at 7pm, and finished at 1.30am this morning. So yeah, the post production bit is the more time consuming by far.

Today, it’s been a bit of an all over the show type of day. Up late, breakfast, off to a Garage Sale, got myself a 24 inch computer monitor for $10, back home, set it up, had lunch, did a bit of housework, and then spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at my parents place. Since I got home I’ve managed to sort out the dishes, and finally get my island bench clear of the multitude of things that have just been put there one after the other because it was a good place to put them “out of the way”.

My son has a former school mate coming over tomorrow for a play date, a great kid who has been over a few times now, he lives out on a farm, and because of difficulties with 2 schools, he is now home schooled. And let me tell you, whatever the issues at the 2 schools are, it is the school, not the child, because this kid is just a delight to have around, and is very, very intelligent. Maybe that’s the problem ? I have been working through a bit of the same at my son’s school, the Principal has said to me that he has a high IQ, so he gets easily bored because he learns the things very quickly, where as the other kids take longer to get it. I know the feeling, I had the same issue when I went to school.

Anyhow, I better get myself showered, drugged up on my medications, and get myself off to bed soon, so I can keep up with 2 energetic 6, nearly 7 year olds tomorrow.


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