A Letter to Lynn, my other abuser.

Dear Lynn,

I hope your enforced retirement is treating you well. As a psychologist, you should have known better than to twist the mind of a mentally ill person, making them believe that they weren’t ill, and making them inflict more abuse on their victim.

I feel sorry that your own experiences with men weren’t ideal, but maybe that is not the case, maybe your masterful skills of manipulation became too much for them. How did it feel, when after your patient lost their husband and son, and after yet another psychotic episode, your patient finally received the medical assistance she needed, that you refused to give ? How did you feel, when the diagnosis was confirmed, the one I, an untrained nobody, told you she was afflicted with ? And how did it feel, to lose your job when this happened ?

Unfortunately for you, I am sure all the conversations I had with your superiors were recorded (even though they didn’t believe me either, based on your advice), in which I had said on several occasions that I believed my wife had schizophrenia. Then BAM, there she is, diagnosed by your colleagues with schizophrenia. Is it coincidence that your employment was terminated at the same time this diagnosis was made?

Are you happy that you destroyed the lives of 3 people? I am aware that this number is probably not even scratching the surface, as I am aware of several other relationships you single handedly destroyed also. That’s the problem with small towns, your dirty little secrets don’t remain secret for very long.

Now, what did you you think would happen by calling the Police that day, when you turned up uninvited at my home, accusing me of all sorts of things? Did you think the Police Sergeant, who had witnessed my wife inflicting abuse on me and my son on several previous occasions, would come and lock me up, based on your lies? I surely hope he told you, after I left with my son to finally be free from the abuse, the truth of the matter. I hope he detailed what they had seen. He was the one who diverted your attention so my son and I could safely go.

I know I am being a little harsh on you. Hey, if it wasn’t for this last day, this day when you played your final losing card, I may have stayed a little longer, enduring just a bit more abuse. You forced my hand, at the same time giving me the free passage I needed to make the decision I should have made a lot earlier. I mean, without your assistance by calling the Police, I may have stayed. You weren’t to know that the attending Sergeant, the one that had been to many incidents at my home, would be there that day to tell me to go, and to go now. Maybe I should thank you for your foolishness?

I’d just like to conclude that in the just over 5 years since that day, I have found myself again, I don’t live in fear of my life every single day. My son is flourishing, safe, and very much loved. Yes, we still have to live our lives in a way as to make sure our safety continues, but seeing that the most recent letter from your former patient, in which she more or less disowned her own child, maybe we are safer than we think, who knows, but I am still going to make sure of our continued safety.

I hope this letter finds you.


Worn Out Phoenix.



This is a letter I have wanted to write for a long time. Lynn is her real name, I don’t know her surname, but would be tempted to publish that too if I knew it. I like to keep this blog anonymous, as a protection for my son and myself, but this woman deserves no anonymity. Unfortunately, there are too many people working in the Mental Health field that are like Lynn. Psychopaths, intent on destroying lives. Those people, who gained notoriety in the past, inflicting untold abuse in Mental Institutions upon vulnerable people have not disappeared, they are still very much a part of the Mental Health System.


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