On the improve

It seems I am overcoming the virus I have had for the past week. Still a little bit of a runny nose, and the occasional cough, but very much better than I have been. I can even feel my energy levels coming back up again too. A couple of nights ago, I thought it was going to get a lot worse, up several times with a post nasal drip, and the coughing was painful, all the muscles in my abdomen, chest and back were killing me, and a the headache…. it was shocking. I have been shoving Demazin tablets down my throat as often as possible, using Bisolven twice a day, and using Irish Moss when all else fails, and it seems to have worked. I haven’t had anything except for 1 lot of Demazin today.

I had an early morning meeting at 8am this morning, and then another at 5.30pm this afternoon, I had initially thought I would give the 5.30pm one a miss, but seeing how I was feeling so much better today, I decided to go. Was glad I did too, because now I know that the morning of my 40th birthday, I won’t have to be up to take my son to school, as it will be a student free day !!!

I am actually looking forward to the big Four O. It is one of those milestones, I never felt too much about the 18th, 21st or even 30th, but after I turned 35 I was a bit ” Oh shit, I’m getting old !!” I’m over that now, we all get old, can’t do nothing about it, so no bloody point in worrying about it. It’s sort of the same with dying. We all die, it eventually happens to all of us, so why worry about it. May as well make the most of it so when the day comes you have as few regrets as possible.

I have had a couple of near death experiences, most memorably when I got a huge zap off an electric welder. Had to be flown into the nearest town, over night at hospital, and luckily, as they said at the time, I was extremely fit, and that’s probably why I survived relatively unscathed. Nearly dying gives you a whole different perspective on things. That’s probably why that even though I suffer from one of the mental illnesses with the highest suicide rates, I have never considered it. Even when shit feels really bad, you know how lucky you are every morning you wake up, as a whole new day is there for you.

I do have more bad days than good, I mean, with Fibromyalgia alone, it’s hard enough to have a single good day, but you have to live for that single odd day where everything is great, or nearly great. I am really fortunate that once again I have a doctor who has managed to nail the right meds for my Manic Depression, I knew I needed them again, after a long spell without having to take any, and now I am stable enough to not have too many problems, even when the fibromyalgia is getting me down.

I have been having a few other issues, it seems the steroid injection into my left shoulder from about 12 months ago has now worn off, as my left shoulder, and upper left arm are very painful again, and when it is really hurting, it starts affecting the nerves in my left arm and hand. Obviously the inflammation is pressing on the nerves passing through my shoulder. It’s not a great problem, the nerve thing, but just feels weird. The pain on the other hand is not a nice thing. Seems it is time for another shot.

So the other things that life is throwing at me right now. A house inspection. The dreaded thing every renter has to go through, and here it is usually every six months. It is next week, on Thursday, and I have been going around cleaning windows, packing stuff away, and right now I am waiting for the final coat of slate floor sealer to dry on the kitchen and laundry floors, so I can put the fridge and washing machine back, both are currently sitting in my living room !! Tomorrow, I will do the slate floors in the bathroom, and finish sorting out my study, which is the messiest room right now, as the bits and pieces I haven’t found homes for in the rest of the house are currently dumped in here until I can work out where they are going to go. Basically after all that is done, I will just have to vacuum and dust, and try and stop a very creative 6 year old from trashing it for a few days !!! I am glad I have been on top of all the cleaning recently, because when I got the notice for the house inspection last week, I knew that I really didn’t need to do too much to be ready for it this time. I normally give the house a spring clean just before winter really sets in, and at the end of winter, actually in spring, to get rid of the funk that sets in over winter because the place is always closed up. So I have pretty much just finished my pre-winter spring clean, so hence not much to do. Yay !

Well, I might go and check my kitchen floor now, to see how the drying is going, and then get off to bed, as tomorrow is a brand new day, and who knows what it will bring, something exciting I hope.


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