2 More Sleeps

It’s hard to believe. Here I sit, with 26.5 hours left of my 30’s. Well, date wise anyhow, technically, it’s another 18 hours after that, but hey, your birthday is the date, not the hour. So yes, 2 more sleeps until I’m 40.

I splurged earlier tonight. I bought a pair of Chino’s from Rivers online for myself. With any luck, they’ll be here by next weekend. Next Saturday we are having a belated meal out for my birthday, with both my parents and my brother and Aunt, and of course Mr 6. By then he’ll be Mr 7 !!!! Yes, his birthday is 3 days after mine !!! But wait, there’s more. On Sunday, it is my brothers birthday !!!!!

So, it’s the beginning of a week of birthdays in the family. Busy, busy, busy. Luckily, on Tuesday, when it’s my birthday, I can sleep in, as it is a student free day for my son’s school that day. Bonus, I get to sleep in, instead of facing darkness at 7am, along with sub zero temperatures first thing in the morning. With the first days of winter, we have had 2 very heavy frosts, the first a baby compared to the second, the second one was still half an inch of ice on everything at 8.30am in the morning, the first was gone by that time.

Needless to say, with the onset of the freezing temperatures, my fibromyalgia has flared something shocking, and the fatigue component has certainly ramped up. Last night I slept for 11.5 hours. I got to bed at 11.45pm, and woke at 11.15am !! And that’s after having slept for nearly 12 hours the night before. I must make an appointment with my GP tomorrow for this week sometime, I need to, as a few of my prescriptions have run out of repeats, so I don’t want to run out of the essential medications that keep me able to function.

This week I had a busy one, mainly because of the house inspection, the 6 monthly thing when you rent. That was done on Thursday, so since then I have been doing the essential things to keep the house going, and building Lego sets. I am past halfway through all the sets my son has now, but it is a long slog. But the exciting part, I have found instructions online for about 15 of the sets me and my brother had as kids, so on Tuesday, I intend on getting out the old nappy bucket full of Lego my Mum and Dad have at their place, which was my brothers and mine as kids, and trying to assemble some of those to show my son. We had a fair few of the early 80’s Space sets, and a some of the late 80’s Technics sets, as well as a few of what is now referred to as Lego City, so I have managed to find a fair few assembly instructions of what we had. Hey, I might be hours away from turning 40, but I still love playing with Lego !!! I’m going to be disappointed when I turn 99 though, because apparently, according to Lego packets, it isn’t suitable for 99+ year olds to play with !!!



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