Observations and thoughts

Let me begin by expressing my great sorrow and sadness for ALL victims of terrorist attacks around the planet, be those victims Muslim, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, what ever beliefs they hold. What I am about to say may be construed in ways that are not intended, just like an innocent photo of something can resemble something else depending on the way you think. (Think clean mind v.s. dirty mind.)

Firstly, what sort of insane coward would think killing in the name of their religion, a human construct, is a good thing? Taking the lives of innocent people for what purpose? I mean, you really aren’t going to get any benefit out of your actions if you are dead. What sort of insanity drives people to do such hideous things? I guess the brainwashing, and indoctrination, which are key instruments of EVERY religion, are probably the answer here.

Now before anyone gets on their high horse trying to defend one religion over another, let’s get this straight, every religion is guilty of atrocities over another. There are very well known examples in heavy concentration throughout history. The Crusades. The Witch Hunts. Even a lot of what the Greeks and Romans did was religious. Iraq invasions 1 and 2. WW2. Most conflicts have some level of one religious ideology against another.

So right now we are talking about another terrorist attack, supposedly done in the name of Allah, in London. At the same time, we have terrorist attacks killing HUNDREDS of Muslims in the Middle Easton a nearly daily basis, but we barely talk about that, only the dozen or so in a Western attack. Why is that so? Have our governments and Religious leaders in Western Nations done such a good job at demonising Islam that we just don’t care if the victim is Muslim? Look, these terrorists, the Islamic ones, aren’t actually Muslims, they claim to be, but they aren’t. They are just filthy, despicable, deranged examples of the human race. This type of people aren’t confined to Islam, we have these people in our neighbourhoods. Neo Nazi’s. Ku Klux Klan. National Front. Reclaim Australia. Australian Defence League. ALL far right, extremist Christian hate groups. All are groups of people IDENTICAL to those who proclaim to kill in the name of Allah. These people also kill in the name of their God. Yes, yes they do. Does that make you feel uncomfortable now?

I was looking at an episode of a British crime drama series on Saturday night, the day before this latest attack. It involved the death of a white teenage girl. So, who was the first suspect? Come on, guess. They are just about the first suspect of every British crime drama. Yep, a young male, of African descent. And if they aren’t that, they are Middle Eastern, or German. Just about every episode of any British crime drama it’s the same. The Bill, it’s a group of rampaging African youths. Same can be said of American cinema. In the 50’s and the 60’s, all the bad guys were German or Japanese. The 70’s and 80’s, all the bad guys were Scandinavian or Russian. 90’s through to now, Middle Eastern or black. Then you wonder where all the entrenched resentment towards Caucasians by all these groups comes from, why would they hate us so much?

Then you add to the mix the fact that our Western Nations leaders have decided to overthrow governments in bloody political coup’s. Would we be happy if say, North Korea, decided to give arms to the Australian Defence League or Ku Klux Clan, supporting them in the overthrow of our governments, even giving them military support in the form of a ground invasion force, aerial bombing and all the same things our nations do to places like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Palestine……………..this list is going to be too long for right now, hopefully you get my point.

No, we wouldn’t be happy. Especially if during this invasion, our children were killed, our wives or husbands were killed, or for that matter anyone we cared about was killed. In the Western world, we sanitise this reality by saying that all those innocent lives lost are just “collateral damage”. “Oop’s, sorry about that, it was an accident”, even though a civilian area was deliberately targeted because military intelligence (an oxymoron) had a hunch a couple of leaders of the baddies were there.

The victims of our own governments invasions of these nations aren’t happy either. This is the main source of people coming to OUR countries and killing us. We, through our governments, have created these people, who feel they have nothing more to lose, whose families have been obliterated and their bodies smashed to pieces, who have had to bury their children. They fucking hate us, because our governments have destroyed their lives. Trauma does strange things to people, warping their minds. Add to that extremist religion, who’s followers prey on traumatised people, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or in this instance Islamic State, and these warped minds are convinced that they must get revenge. I always think when I hear that line we all hear in religious ceremonies, “Let us pray” that it is more like “Let us prey”.

I lay my Atheist views bare for all to see, I am anti religion. Look, I don’t care if you want to believe in an all powerful deity, or that Martians are our rulers, or what ever warped idea’s you want to have. Honestly, what you believe is your business, I don’t believe I have the right to stop you believing in fairy stories. I just have never seen, in my 40 years, any proof that any of these mysterious magical beings exist. Oh, but you just have to have faith, I forgot, sorry, my bad. Just like you have to have faith that the rumours about Father McIddyfiddly molesting kids isn’t true. Just like you have to have faith that politicians act in your interest and not their own. Faith is a dis-empowering concept, it is the main instrument of brainwashing and indoctrination. Blindly believing a lie doesn’t make it real, it never will be.

Sick, depraved, deranged people always seem to latch onto religion to justify their horrific actions. I have made it a mission to read about many religions. None of them, NONE OF THEM, advocate violence towards others. These people aren’t Muslim, Christian, or what ever they claim to be. They are just plain, ordinary, sick bastards.


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