I don’t know what’s changed, but I have felt rather energised over the past week or so. I was wiped out over the busy birthday weekend, felt like I was on the verge of a virus again on the Monday after, but since then have been up, doing stuff, getting stuff done that was long overdue. Maybe it was all the playing with Lego ??? Made me feel young again perhaps ? No, I am not sure what it is, but I am liking it.

It feels good to be completing tasks that I have been thinking about doing for a very long time. I cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards last week, pulled everything out, got rid of all the stuff I just don’t use and was taking up space, washed everything else that was being kept, wiped out all the shelves and walls of the insides of the cupboards with bleach, and repacked it all. Now everything takes up 3/5ths of the cupboards, nothing is in those shitty corner spaces that you need a cut lunch, a torch and a helmet to get into, and all the cupboard space under the sink is empty. I did discover there has been a leak there somewhere, I dried it all, and then stuck a radiant heater in there for a couple of hours to dry it out, no water has come back as yet, so not sure what the go was there.

I also had my second go at the linen press. About 6 months ago I went through it all and removed excess linen that was just pointlessly taking up space, and was never used. So after doing the kitchen, I went through it again, and now I have 3 sets of linen for both beds, all the mismatched and nearly worn out stuff is gone, the blankets now are neatly stacked on their own shelf, and there is actually space in the linen press now. This week I will go shelf by shelf, emptying each one, wiping it all out, and then once dry re-packing it again.

Another task nearly completed ( and the plan is to do some more before I go to bed tonight ) is our office/playroom. I have emptied out a set of tallboy drawers, and re-homed everything in there in another smaller set of drawers, which were full of all the model railway stuff which I packed all in a box for setting up at a later date, as well as emptying out all the drawers in my old desk and finding space for that stuff in the smaller drawers too. With the tallboy and desk out of the house, I will gain a couple of square metres of extra floor space, which in an 80 square metre unit is a heck of a lot of space. Our wardrobes are also in the same room, and I went through those too, getting rid of stuff I just don’t wear and stuff too small for my son now. There’s now a tonne of extra space there now too !!! Once I have finished this room, the plan is to tackle the 2 big storage boxes under the bookshelves, as I know there is stuff in there that needs to go too.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am still suffering the crushing fatigue each and every day, and I am still in a lot of physical pain also, both because of the fibromyalgia, but I have somehow managed to park that in the back of my mind, even though the fatigue is only remedied by a nap or 2 during the day, which I have been still doing. Progress is progress though, and seeing I am on this roll of getting things cleaned, sorted and generally organised, I will take it as long as it is happening.

You may ask, why am I doing all this? Well, to be plain and simple, we will be moving in the near to medium future, and as I don’t know how my health will hold out, especially with the fibromyalgia, it is much easier to get a lot of the sorting out done that you need to do when you move done when I can, and I don’t want to move shit that I don’t use. By cleaning out the cupboards, and leaving them empty, when the time comes, it will just be a matter of a quick wipe out, rather than a day long ordeal. When the time eventually comes to move, most of the hard work will be done.


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