I FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!

By gum I found it ! I have been looking for my son’s School photo from last year for the past 4 months, looked high and low, everywhere I thought I may have stashed it. Made mess that took forever to clean up looking for it. Every nook and cranny I thought it may be. Then, tonight, going through old school council meeting agenda and minutes, guess what I found, last years school photo !!!

It’s got me stuffed how it ended up there, and more stuffed as to how I hadn’t spotted it until now. I mean, I had actually taken the bundle of paperwork out of the hutch in the desk where I found it tonight, and still hadn’t found it about 2 months ago !!!!

I am so glad I found it, mainly because I want him to have all his school photo’s when he is an adult, I know how much mine mean to me. I was about to contact the place that does them to see if I could get a copy, I am sure because it was last years it would have cost a mint. Now I don’t have to !!! I am so bloody happy right now !!!!



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