Day 2

So, I discussed my uneasiness at my current weight, and that I was going to do something about it, starting yesterday. It will be a mission to get there, but I will. I am sure of that.

Yesterday, my transition away from added sugar started. Well, I had already started by cutting back earlier this year, but all day yesterday, and so far today, I have not added sugar to my coffee, pretty much the only place I add sugar.

Then, my second step, was steps !!! I made sure I got 30 minutes of walking in, a walk, solely for the purpose of exercise, that is, in addition to what I normally do every day.

Third step, which is a work in progress, was dropping one of my Manic Depression pills, the one my doctor has said I can take when I need it, but if I don’t feel I need to, I don’t have to take it. I have been religiously taking it every night since late last year, and it being the culprit of my current weight predicament to begin with. When I was first diagnosed with manic depression 6 years ago, I was put on Seroquel, 300mg a day, and within 3 months, I went from around 95 kg, which I had basically been since 18 ( so 16 years ) to over 160kg. Every bit due to Seroquel. I have been taking it again for the past 8 months, but at 50mg a day, so the impact has been less, but it has meant any attempt to lose weight has been futile, and in fact I have gained 4 kg since first taking it again ( a lot better than over a 65kg gain in 3 months though. ) So now, last night, I didn’t take one. Yes, my sleep was a bit crappy, as it was last time I came off it, it lasted about a week then settled down, and today, I am experiencing a loose stomach, with abdominal pains and frequent need to empty my bowels, that too happened last time, and was gone in a couple of days. I guess I should see at least a 2kg weight loss this week, just based on the toilet visits !!!

So all going well so far. I’m not missing the sugar in the coffee. I recently changed coffee brand to a smoother, less bitter variety, and I guess this has helped in cutting the sugar altogether. And the extra exercise felt good, even if it was just from the point of mentally knowing I had made a start. My goal is to get back down to around 90 – 95 kg, any less, and I look gaunt, my apparent ideal weight is about 85kg, but that is too thin for me.

Anyhow, it is time I moved my ample backside off this damned chair, and get out for today’s walk.


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