Small minded ignorance is not “Saying it as it is”.

There is a rise in ignorance globally that is endangering the very fabric of civil society. This is being led by politicians, who their followers believe are “saying it as it is”. Now, let’s get one thing clear here. Statements, based entirely on fact, are “saying it as it is”. These politicians who claim to be “saying it as it is” avoid facts as much as possible, letting prejudice, ignorance, racism and all that is wrong with this world dictate what they say. There is nothing factual about what they say. They don’t even think what they are saying is a lie, now calling lies ” Alternative Facts”. Alternative facts ARE lies. Now that is “saying it as it is”.

Whether it be Trump, Theresa May, Pauline Hanson, or Tony Abbott, all of these people are liars. They aren’t saying it as it is. Anyone who believes they are saying it as it is is just as ignorant as those making these outlandish, and outright deceitful comments.

Instead of “Draining the Swamp”, Trump has filled it with more bottom dwelling scum. Theresa May, claiming she has made her country safer by cracking down on Immigration, has in fact achieved the opposite. Same can be said about Tony Abbott in Australia. Then we have the likes of Pauline Hanson in Australia, who basically hates anyone of colour of any type, anyone who is disabled, people with Autism, the poor, pretty much anyone who is not white, and doesn’t share her own selfish outlook on life. Unfortunately, the current government in Australia, a political party that Hanson was formerly a member of, has many members who share her beliefs. These people spout how great democracy is, whilst at the same time undermining, corrupting, and destroying the very foundations of what democracy is.

The poor are poor, it’s their fault. Why should we care. The disabled are disabled because of their own actions, why should we care. The unemployed are unemployed because they are lazy, why should we care. Immigrants are taking our jobs. Trickle down works. Privatising publicly owned assets makes things cheaper. All of which are bald faced lies. But this is what these people claim.

The poor are poor for a number of reasons. Lack of opportunity, coming from a poor background, racism, sexism, or plain and simply a victim of capitalism by the loss of their jobs. The disabled are disabled if not because of genetic reasons, because they got hurt at work, were the victim of an accident, those sort of things. The unemployed are unemployed not because they are lazy, but because they were fired when their workplace moved overseas and suitable work is not available. Currently in Australia, there are more than 20 unemployed to each job available. Immigrants don’t take our jobs. They create jobs, business, employment. If you make them feel welcome, they don’t develop grudges and hatred toward you. History proves this. Persecute them, blame them for all the ills of your own creation, then of course they will resent your treatment of them. Trickle down DOES NOT WORK, it is a failed logic. And privatisation of public assets in Australia has seen the cost to the consumer rise 400, 500, 600 percent, it certainly does not make things cheaper.

Now, these politicians who claim to be saying it as it is, would dispute all those facts, because those facts don’t support their warped and twisted arguments, emanating from their petty, ignorant, deranged minds. These people prove that prospective contenders for election to government should have to undergo an IQ test before their nomination is accepted at the very least, and probably some sort of psychiatric evaluation too, to make sure mentally unstable and incompetent people aren’t in charge of the rest of the populations lives. These people spout the same rhetoric that Hitler did. We all know what he did in his madness. We also know that our ancestors were smart enough to know that someone like him does not belong in a seat of power. Why have we all become so damned stupid to allow another half a dozen Hitlers rule our lives?


One thought on “Small minded ignorance is not “Saying it as it is”.

  1. Oh, my next post that I’m in the process of writing is going to be about healthcare partially. My recent medical bills have just reminded me how horribly the U.S. treats its citizens. We are about to take away healthcare from 24 million Americans… we we are one of the only nations going BACKWARDS on health metrics! Sigh…


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