To the edge of hell and back.

Yesterday was hell. No point in beating around the bush. Day 3 of the great adventure, and ALL the worst of the withdrawal symptoms coming off of Quetiapine (the actual drug marketed as Seroquel) were there and basically destroying me. Severe nausea, hot and cold, shaking, unable to eat, you name it, the bloody works. It felt like hell.

I had to cancel a meeting yesterday, as it was all too much. I hadn’t slept much for about 52 hours when I finally went to bed last night, hitting the hay at just after 6.30pm. Last night, although it wasn’t a perfect sleep (I was waking every 3 hours, and was woken by the neighbours dog, the aptly named Midnight, you guessed it, at midnight) it was glorious. I SLEPT !!! For the past two nights, I had basically been lying in bed, eyes closed, but not sleeping. Normally, I would have given up, got up, and parked myself on the computer, but I actually stayed in bed, firstly because it was warm, and secondly, my body, if not my mind, needed the rest. So last night, 3 hour stints of good, solid, dream filled sleep was magnificent.

Today, I feel much better. I am sticking to my guns, I have not had sugar in my coffee since Monday, I have still gone and walked for at least half an hour every day, even feeling like crap, and this morning I added even more exercise, more walking, to the regime.

When I took my son to school, I drove 2/3rds of the way, parked up on the side of the road, and walked him to school the rest of the way. We live over 2km from the school, and walking all the way is too much right now, we did it a few times earlier this year, and dealing with a complaining, tired child halfway there onwards, was not at all fun. So breaking the journey down to part drive, part walk is a good start. He actually enjoyed it this morning, no whinging, no complaints. Of course, i get double the exercise, as I then have to walk back to the car. We will do it at the end of the day also, and weather permitting, this will become the regular routine.

Now, for the nitty gritty. I weighed myself naked before I went to bed on Monday evening. I am not going to declare my precise weight, but I will tell you, after the past couple of days of my body going through hell, I have actually lost 4 kg !! Not that this will be the norm, as I said, my body has gone through hell the past few days, so there was a lot of body emptying going on, and because I have not felt well, the food intake has fallen off dramatically. My aim would be 1kg a week, and I am sure when my body returns to normality in the next few days, I will probably gain a couple kilo’s before the end of the first official week of the weight loss mission.

Anyhow, my washing is calling me, so I must go for now, but I will keep you posted on how things are progressing.


2 thoughts on “To the edge of hell and back.

    1. Withdrawals are hell. This is the second time I have gone through this with this drug, this time has felt worse for some reason. But, it seems I am over the worst of it now, fingers crossed. I used to have migraines too, until they finally figured out it was high blood pressure causing it. Actually, it was a nurse, not a doctor who realised it. It is also apparent now that my last migraine was more likely a mild stroke, as I have a few issues down the left side of my body now, only slight and probably not noticeable to others, but I certainly know and feel the effects.


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