Day 5.

So now, it is nearly halfway through day 5 of the great mission. Last nights sleep was slightly better than the previous nights, still a few times waking up, and I eventually gave up trying to go back to sleep when I woke at 5.30am. It is good to sleep though. The first time I woke last night I had actually been asleep for 6 hours, and I also couldn’t remember even having to try to go to sleep, I just got into bed, pulled the blankets over me, and I was out. So I reckon it will only get better from here.

This morning, I am a little tired still, the sleep deficit from not sleeping for 2 nights in a row hasn’t been caught up on yet, but I am certainly over the other withdrawal symptoms now. Yes, I have had a slight rebound, as I predicted, in the weight bit, I quickly lost that 4kg, but now it’s back to 2, still a loss, we’ll see on Monday night how it all pans out over the first week.

Due to the early start, and having the house to myself for about an hour and a half before Mr 7 woke up, I got the place all tidied, dishes done, and the floor ready to be vacuumed when Mr 7 finally surfaced. I have been trying to get everything to the point of being able to vacuum for 2 weeks, and now it’s done. Yes, I know, it’s shocking, I usually vacuum at least once a week, but going through the house, sorting EVERYTHING out, getting rid of stuff that needed to be gotten rid of, and repacking everything away meant it was impossible to vacuum, especially when you have half emptied out drawers and boxes all over the floor. Now that job is pretty much done, the house is back in order, and I have de-cluttered  to the point that it feels fantastic. And, best of all, I know where everything is, and have found long lost things that I have been looking for for ages !!!

Well, time to get on with another project, as well as price some supplies to finish another, so I better hop to it !



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