Sunday, the day of rest

I am over the whole withdrawal ordeal now, I can confidently say. Last night I had an absolutely wonderful sleep, only waking once because of a bit of fibromyalgia pain, for which I took a painkiller and was back off to sleep withing 15 minutes.

One of the things I have noticed is that I am a lot happier since leaving the Quetiapine behind once again. I wasn’t aggro, but easily irritated by stuff. Now I have stopped taking that stuff, it has gone. I actually said this to mum yesterday, and she sarcastically replied “I hadn’t noticed (your shitiness)”. Not regretting taking myself off it at all.

So the last few days have been productive, things are so much more organised, both in the house and in life in general. The fibro fog is still an issue, it seems to be right at home over the past few weeks, yesterday I was intently listening to one of my son’s friends parents telling me about something, and he lost his track of thought for a second, and asked me what he was just saying, and even though I had been listening, all the sudden my mind went blank. It eventually came, but only after an awkward minute or two. It’s embarrassing because on face value it appeared that I wasn’t listening, but I WAS, it’s just this damned brain fog with the fibro.

My son had a friends birthday party to attend yesterday, which ended up being a fantastic few hours. They held it at a small local hall, as this time of the year it is not possible to plan an outdoor event due to the changeability of the weather. They had a fellow come in with some wildlife, including various native lizards, non-venomous snakes, a freshwater crocodile, a Kookaburra, Major Mitchel Cockatoo and a pygmy glider, a small type of possum. The kids learnt heaps, got to hold and touch the critters, and it was just a marvelous thing. I am shit scared of snakes, but even I sat up close to observe them ( not at the stage where I could actually touch or hold one though !!) My favourite was the crocodile, they really are fascinating creatures, I most certainly had a pat of that one !!!

After that, and a bit of the usual party food, we all went out , the kids and me and the father of the birthday boy, and kicked an AFL football around, I even surprised myself, after all these years, and in my less than peak physical condition, I can still kick a decent kick with a footy !!

Anyhow, I am going to get my backside moving, as I have a few tasks I want to complete today, the heaters are on, and it’s getting comfortable, so I should enjoy the rest of the day. Cheers for now.



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