And BAM ! We Have another flare.

The little bit of pain the other night was obviously the prelude to another flare. Here it is, what a wonderful world !!!

On a brighter note, the end of week 1 weigh in revealed a net loss of 1.5kg. Pleased, I am. Exercise, I am getting. Walking, I have been.

I have been taking my son about 2/3 of the way to school in the car ( I actually measured it today, I thought I was taking him 3/4 of the way, but in fact it is a bigger walk than I thought,) and been walking the rest of the way. I have also been getting out walking for about 45 minutes otherwise, and if it hasn’t been raining, walking into town to pay my bills and get things from the shop during the day. So some days it’s just over an hour of walking, some days more like an hour and a half.

Now I have this flare up, I think it will probably slow me down in this pursuit until it passes, I have a fair bit of pain in my left thigh ( happens a bit when I get a flare) and the other more general pain when it gets this intense often makes me a bit wonky on my feet, so it’s probably best I don’t do too much until it passes, I don’t want fall number 3 in 12 months. My brain fog on Saturday was probably a bit of a sign the flare was coming too.

Anyway, I have been still moving through the whole clean out of the home thing, I have now managed to get 3 more pieces of furniture out, now they are no longer needed due to the super organising skills I have used to reduce the amount of crap I had laying about that I just didn’t use. It feels fantastic to be this organised, even if it doesn’t quite look like it yet !!

Next week is the start of the school holidays, so 2 weeks of my boy at home, I’m actually looking forward to it. I am buying a stretched canvas for him on Friday, a large one, for him to join me in doing some painting during the first week. He got a tonne of proper artist equipment for his birthday, and really enjoys getting into the art, so I figure it could be a good activity for the cold, wet holidays, when we will be virtually housebound anyhow.

I will leave it here for now, very tired, and have to be on the ball for this early meeting tomorrow, so adios for now.


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