Everything seems to whizz past like a blur these days. Over a week has gone of the school holidays already, with the little mister back to school next Monday. The weather has more or less kept us housebound, but we have got out and done a few things, like one of the minor bucket list things of mine to walk around Lake Hamilton. Yep, that’s done now. Just a tad over 4kms, so a nice walk for an hour. Lot’s and lot’s of birdlife. Was a cool day, and a little breezy, but walking at a moderately brisk pace soon led to jackets being unzipped and getting a bit of a sweat up by the end. We’ve also had a guest for the past 10 days, my Mum and Dad’s Jack Russell terrier. It’s amazing what a calming influence a dog in it’s teens can have on a household, especially a rambunctious 7 year old. It has been a delightful week or so. She goes home tomorrow, but right now, like the past 9 nights, she is cuddled up in bed with my son.

I have discovered a nearby art and photography show that has very reasonable entry fees, happening at the end of the month, and both my son and I will be entering a few pieces, it’s only $3 a piece to enter, so will be worthwhile, hopefully sell a few, make some bucks, and maybe even win a prize.

I have commenced another flare up of the fibromyalgia, a bad-ish one, I know now that I usually get a bout of IBS the day before, and yesterday was it. Was very farty too. You can imagine a 7 year old boy and the laughs and giggles every time I let one rip !!! At least he was amused by my predicament.

It is cold and wet now, actually it’s freezing, not cold. We have even had hail and sleet over the past few days. Yes, it does snow in Australia. Amazingly, on our end of the country it is icy, yet a few thousand kilometres north, at the top, it is around 31 degrees Celsius and sunny. Australia is certainly a land of extremes.

I might leave it at that for now, my mind is all over the show, so probably best to go to bed now, I mean, it is now 11.10pm…………


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